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New Product the SMD AMM-1 Audio Multi-Meter - D'Amore Engineering (Proto pics, Finished Pics, Video, Owners Manual pg.4)

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Check out our newest product....the AMM-1 Audio Multi Meter. I will post up some pics to look at while the video is uploading. It is LONG, but if you are interested in what this piece does, the time will fly by. It's a pretty amazing little tool.

Now before you look at franken-meter, please keep in mind it is a PROTO. We have overlay's on the way and this thing is all but ready to start building. We are looking at mid to late December on shipping. If you would like to get in on the pre-sale, click here:
After the presale is over, the price will go up to $399.99. So save $40.00 and get a LOW serial number! We will update you when it is ready to ship and automatically UPGRADE you to 2nd day shipping (from ground) (USA only). AGAIN, this is a PROTO, the finished version will be really nice and not UGLY like this one :D :D

Here is some of the stuff it does....just a basic outline for now although we will add more to this as release date gets near.

















this is posted on page 2 as well but i wanted it closer to the top - so i am dropping it here too. It's a long video, but interesting to watch!

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Yeah, you will be hearing from me tomorrow on this one. I have everything else not planning on breaking that trend.

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