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Getting Trolled by Someone, Need Computer-Smart Person

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So I play in a NASCAR fantasy league and there is dude in the chatroom I argue with alot. Well recently, he has made comments about personal stuff that he shouldn't know. He's got my name and location, thats it. He;s obviously got some computer skills.

Anyway, I am looking for somebody who may be able find info on this fucker. All I have is his screen name when he posts, and when I right click it and select properties, its all code stuff. Anybody want to try? PM me.

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My point is do you give information on that site saying your a member here?

If so then that person may have talked to someone here to find the info your referring to, it is only speculation, but we all give info without realizing what detailed info we share.

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How much personal info?

Generic stuff like Name, Location, Age, etc.?

Only thing I can guess is he has your IP address (which every site your visit has).

With IP addresses you can find a physical location, and therefore addresses to names aren't all that difficult.

IP addresses themselves don't carry personal info besides location (well, legally they cant)

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I found a facebook with "Fi Car Audio, Audio Technix, SilverState Cycles" under the "Likes" category.

That was with the email in your profile. Searched the name on Spokeo and found a fuck ton of them in California...

not trying to be a creep, but it's not hard to find shit on the internet. If he has a Spokeo account or some knowledge with tracking ip's, he could have a hayday. With your address, and since he has your name, he could easily pull out court records to find your marriage license and shit with your ex lady.

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Wow. 184 posts and I think you're a fucking asshole.


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That site was right about my relative and where I once lived, but it says I'm 49.


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