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4k tvs are we there yet?

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x2. This is all over overclock

Edit: Also for people who would want to put their 4k tv to their computer as well. You must remember, only certain video input types can transmit true 4:4:4 4k

hdmi 2.0a and displayport 2.0?

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Just the other day I was looking into the 4ks and found that vizio makes a price friendly 4k and being that there is not much 4k content anyway I'm almost sure I'm going to pick one up maybe after black Friday to see if any deals come before then. Vizio user since they made their 3D tvs so I'm confident on their reliability.

I just picked up the 70" Vizio 4k, you won't be disappointed. Love the Netflix 4k streaming and the upscaling.

. Yea I'm sure I won't had vizio since they were dirt cheap at Walmart not that I can't buy like a Sony or Samsung its just that they have everything I need at a lower price and they hold up I still have my original vizio 3D TV that I got for 800 when at the time the closest cheapest 3D was a Samsung at around 1300 so it was a no brainer. And I didn't even know Netflix offered 4k lol

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Im not much more impressed with my samsung 4k than I was with my older samsung, I have directv which i hate also but they had better hd quality signal. They only offer one channel that supports 4k until the superbowl, and im not overly impressed with it considering it's supposed to be cutting edge stuff. Its worth having a 4k only because of the later option of upgrading to 4k but if its a big difference in price I just don't find it worth it.

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I work for a Sony dealer and I know I can see a huge difference in the 1080 and 4k when they sit size by side just playing a simple 1080 blue ray through am hdmi splitter. Not only that but we have been told that they are working on launching new satellites that can support 4k.

Then getting one that does 4k upscale just makes the wait easier. Look into the Sony xbr tv's. Sony is a leading company in home entertainment for a reason.

The 3d on them by the way is awesome. 3d iMax under the sea has the fish floating in front of you. Still just a 1080p movie on a tv that upscales to 4k. I honestly hated 3d but on the Sony xbr 79" (currently be discontinued for the xbr 75" instead) is crazy. On the smaller tv's not so much imo, but at least a 65 or bigger is great. I've even had the chance to watch it on a 115" projector screen using a Sony 4k projector, not as good as the tv's but still a nice.


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Bringing a dead one back up guys.

Im looking for a new telly. I want a 70. And, welp, these days, a decent one is had from 900 to a gajillion. Im looking to purchase a 70, over the holidays. What is anyone else looking at? All that shit. I was looking at the

Vizio -

  • Model: E70-E3
  • SKU: 5609000

Im mean for just under 4 digits,...(999 shipped right to meh)..., i mean shit......

Also the samsung (the tv maker ive owned for years and always loved)

  • Model: UN70KU6300FXZA
  • SKU: 5146603

Its 3 bills more, (1299 sitting on my doorsetp) but, has 12 times the reviews, better rating and shit also. And again im kinda a samsung nut hugger when it comes to tellys.

Anyway, what is everyone else looking at? Please advise, TIA :hi:

EDIT- also,before i click "BUY",....is there a way to know, if it drops in price in a few days? Do i need to go over, and go down on the best buy chick, to know if the price drops in a few days? Thanks again

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I'm thinking about getting a PS4 Pro so I can play Final Fantasy XV this year but I heard it would be a waste to get the pro if I don't have a 4k tv...


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Just bought a Samsung 50" 4K. It absolutely kills my vizio, it's not even close and I loved my vizio before I bought this one. I think the Netflix 4K content looks better then I ever thought possible wow

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Me and my gf could both use a new TV. So for black Friday if I can get one I was looking at 4k. I know at $3-500 it's not gonna be great but what features should I be looking for in one? I'd prefer a smart TV. Is HDR worth it yet or not? Chromecast? Is LED the new standard? Was looking at Sony, lg, Samsung, or vizio only. Best buy.

Thabks for any help guys.

Also. What is a reasonable size for a bedroom now that will eventually be moved to a living room?

I'm looking 40-55" now.

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