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First time posting in this thread. Looking for a reliable hard pounding card audio system for around $1k. It is for a chevy Tahoe. So far I am considering getting a pair of Sundown Audio 12" 750W Dual 4-Ohm with the sundown audio 1500.1 or going with the skar audio 2000.1 monoblock (200$ cheaper). Will custom build the box accordingly and have a solid aftermarket head unit. Does this sound like a good set up for someone looking to get some extra bass from using a pair of L7s in the past?


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under 1k? I think you are looking at auctions, yard sales and possibly some raw drivers. Unless you just want SPL for sub and just whatever front stage in which case 1K should be plenty, but if you go used you can squeeze more out of it. And do not underestimate the importance of sound treatment or box build/ design. Being in an SUV I assume space is not an issue? How many watts were your L7s on? +1 for incriminator, beast mode 12. And please port the box. :p

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Yes for under 1k... Two pair of SA 12's, a amp, and a custom ported box. Anyway, I decided to spend the extra money and went with 2 x series 15 inch subs with the skar 45001. This will be my daily. Building box to spec. Do you guys think I will need to upgrade electrical with this set up?

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    • By Kraken
      Alright, so I have designed my box. 1.72 sealed/3.0 ported. 8 inch aeroport tuned to 42hz. Sub is a single zv3 15, amp as of now is a sundown 1500 (I plan on upgrading to over 3k soon). I have drawn out some box sketches and played around in WinISD and Torres box calculator. Do the box numbers (cft, tuning, port size) sound right? I know theres a lot to play around with when it comes to box designs. I know some people will think "Just build it and see if it sounds good", but Im only 18, so I dont have all the money in the world, so if I spend this money on building the box and it doesnt turn out well, im just out that amount of money. I just want to hear some opinions on the box, good or bad. I've designed plenty of sealed/ported boxes, but just now getting into the 4th order scene. Appreciate the help
    • By JeepAndBassXJ
      Updated as of September 2018!!! Go to last page(s) for most recent updates! 
      This was my long time daily driver and first car. Currently am running 6 12's in a series 6th order wall. I regularly take it to events across the western U.S. It has seen 7 builds as far as I can remember. The better known was the previous 2 18's in a flat wall boasting my best scores to date of 162.2db Db Drag style 164.2 USACI. Today it is on half that power but maintains mid 156's drag style at 26hz and 161s at 35hz USACI style. Defiantly a demo friendly build. 
      The Car:
      (1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L)

      (6) JVF Customz 3.3 12s 
      (4 Pairs) Audio Dynamics 3000 Series Components 
      (3) DC Audio 3.5k's 
      (2) DC Audio 90.4's 
      (6) Full Throttle Group 31 Batteries 
      (2) JS Alternators  
      The Wall Build : Started in November 2015 
      Last pics of the car before stripping it out (In near stock forum just after finals 2015).

      After the car was stripped out.

      Removing things that were in the way such as old seat belt parts and rear seat brackets.

      Plastidiped the windows, looks great from the outside.

      Spray foam to create a seal on the sides of the car. Also added some 2" PVC pipe to run wires on each side of the car.

      First parts of the frame to go in, main beams that will create the plane the baffle attaches to. From here the rest of the frame will extend off to the rear.

    • By BassheadMS
      My system:   all stock electrical.     
         Walmart brand battery, think it's about 775 cca not sure.         
       Hifonics Brutus Brz 2016.1d  2000 watt rms stable and wired at 1 ohm.                                           
      Roughly 5.7 cu ft {gross} 4.3 {net} ported sub up/ port back enclosure. port is 4" wide 13.5 tall 28" long after cabin gain I think she's tuned to around 34 hz.   
               2) Skar Audio EVL 12's dual 4's.  
         So my subs are displaced, not side by side, but like -- _   ... I'm concerned that the placement of the subs vs. where the subs are/ or box size or port size is maybe making one of my subs bottom out? I'm just looking for tips and tricks with my setup. Any advice is greatly appreciated, I'm running 2 strands of 4 gauge power and 2 gauge ground btw. What can I do to make this thing a ground pounder?? Not so worried about metering, just wanna be heard and shake everything up. Shes loud but I feel like there's room for improvements with what I've got . Thanks guys 
    • By Lofty
      Building a box for 4 sundown E8's to go in the trunk to sit flush against the rear seats and port out the rear seat opening (ski pass).  The attached picture has a rough draft of the design it is a angled box with dimensions of 36"width x 14"tall x 16"top depth x 24"bottom depth. Volume of each sub camber (RED) is 1.344ft3 and port area (BLUE) is 1.5" wide with a area around 18.75 tuned to around 33-34 hz. Mainly just need to know what happens to that tuning once it reaches the center chamber (with the front of the subs) and out the ski pass.
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