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August 2017 SOTM entries - 1000 watts and 2 Matching 12's! Sundown Audio!!!

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Finaly it work to attached my pic, this is our 2015 Toyota Altis, I already change the head unit as int comes out with a stock 1, I used to have a ound set up on my old Toyota but I sold it already, This altis has big space for those very good Sundown Subs and Amps ☺☺☺ Attached is a picture of the trunk. More power to you steave and always keep the Bass Pumpin and Wheels Rollin! 

Thank you,




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I see a bunch of vehicles that need systems here!  Good luck to all entrants.

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Here's my moms Ford Escape. Told here I will get her a system one of these days. This would be the perfect system for her! 



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Happy wife, happy life... except when there's no bass.


My 20016 GTI is in need of some bass. I used to have an 05 Golf with a 15" FI BTL N2 on a Sundown SAZ 2500D but I sold it all for one of these to give to my girlfriend. The itch never left, help me feed my need and get some bass back in my life


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I'm glad to see SOTM back.
Thank you Sundown for putting up some great prizes.

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On 8/6/2017 at 5:38 PM, 8ten8 said:


My buddy's 91 Suburban 



Sorry bout the extra post guys. The rules say "member next to the car"...not in it. Just covering my bases. Good luck everybody 


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    • By audiofanaticz
      I still like the power limit theme to enter but I think 1,000 watts rms maybe a little small in today's standards. So this month I am upping the power range farther than originally planned for this months contest.
      To be eligible to enter this months SOTM you must have a system and have 7,500 watts rms or less on your sub stage.
      If you entered the previous months 1,000 watt rms or less contest but did not win don't worry you can enter this month as well, but be warned competition this month should be fierce!!!
      This month 1 lucky winner will get a huge generous prize from Incriminator Audio!

      Up for grabs is a pair of Incriminator Audio I Series subwoofers (the winner has a choice between a pair of 10s or a pair of 12s), an Incriminator Audio 10.1 Class D monoblock 1,200 watt rms amplifier for the subs, an Incriminator Audio I304 Class A/B 50X4 @ 4ohm 4 channel amplifier, and 2 pairs of Incriminator Audio I65C 6.5 inch component sets.
      This is one outstanding package totaling over $1,000 in value!!!

      Place your SOTM nominees here (yes you can nominate yourself). Remember to post pics, videos and of course a link to the build log on the forum in this post if your nominated.
       Don't forget to check out the RULES of SOTM* before entering!

      Now let’s see those nominations!!
      01- Juan777
      02- Frome901
      03- Mr DeeBeez
      04- Dereileak
      05- 77-AUDIO
      06- bolanorthhighlands
      07- xpoppadaddyx
      08-  tdsa23
      09- tony187soundproof
      10- alex912005
      11- 8ten8
      12- johndipo
      13- blasting bass4life T$
      14- YukonXL04
      15- Dragonware
      16- K Caudill
      17- Damian1995
      *Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.
    • By Chrisp1104
      Jl audio build. 2003 chevy tahoe z71 
    • By silentecho77
      need help with an enclosure for 2 sundown x-8 v2 d2. info about x-8's online is very limited, especially for a dual sub box. i removed the rear seats in my 2004 silverado extended cab and currently have 2 jl audio 10w3v3-4's in 2 L-port boxes downfiring sub and port, 1 x-8 in a vented cube box on top with sub and port firing forward.  i just received my 2nd x-8 2 days ago, so i need a box for 2 now.  i really want to build a box that has the 2 subs firing forward and 2 ports, each port firing into the rear corners of ext. cab.  if that wont work just build a shared chamber L port with only 1 port aimed out of the right rear corner. eventually i'd like to build a show quality half-wall or enclosure up to the bottom of my rear window with a custom dash and center console but keeping my obsession reeled in to reality for now.  if anyone could post a screenshot of the sketchup dual x-8 box plans with dimensions on a cut list would be amazing, but any ideas are welcome,  the more creative the better. i have many things hindering my ability to find what i need so any help would be great, i can't open the sketchup designs on sundowns website or get sketchup to load on my computer & hav gotten terrible results when trying to enter TS specs into other box design apps (i can build almost anything with my hands, but suck at computers)  i emailed sundown asking for assistance over a week ago and again 2 days ago and have not gotten a response, also i can't afford to spend money on blueprints or several hundred for a prefab box, nor would i if i could, i have done all my own installing and fabrication for my truck stereo and i enjoy doing it. Anyway, please help...and may your car audio system always be upgrading. 🤘👽🤘
    • By bigmizzle99
      Maybe I missed the explanation why, but there hasnt been a SOTM contest in about a year.  What happened?  Not enough participation?  Too many "issues"?  No sponsors?
    • By JeepAndBassXJ
      Time to start a daily build in the new car (The Honda). Some of you might know about my Jeep Build, well now that it's a 160+db car I needed something to get around in so that the Jeep could become the weekend toy lol.
      Decided to get this little gas saver and do a small build in it with the system I won in SOTM a while back.
      The Car:
      (2000 Honda Civic Ex 1.6L)

      Car's Competition History:
      Melos Auto (Sacramento Ca) - Street Trunk 5k 151.5db @3845 W (1st)
      The Build:
      Pic of when I first got it, needed a few things but ran good.

      Had to get some emblems and little things to get this started off right.

      Now to start getting ready for the system! Going to do a few boxes of DC Audio 80mil in there first.

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