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August 2017 SOTM entries - 1000 watts and 2 Matching 12's! Sundown Audio!!!

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Finaly it work to attached my pic, this is our 2015 Toyota Altis, I already change the head unit as int comes out with a stock 1, I used to have a ound set up on my old Toyota but I sold it already, This altis has big space for those very good Sundown Subs and Amps ☺☺☺ Attached is a picture of the trunk. More power to you steave and always keep the Bass Pumpin and Wheels Rollin! 

Thank you,




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Happy wife, happy life... except when there's no bass.


My 20016 GTI is in need of some bass. I used to have an 05 Golf with a 15" FI BTL N2 on a Sundown SAZ 2500D but I sold it all for one of these to give to my girlfriend. The itch never left, help me feed my need and get some bass back in my life


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I'm glad to see SOTM back.
Thank you Sundown for putting up some great prizes.

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