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October 2017 SOTM - Enter to win an insane system from Incriminator Audio!

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I still like the power limit theme to enter but I think 1,000 watts rms maybe a little small in today's standards. So this month I am upping the power range farther than originally planned for this months contest.

To be eligible to enter this months SOTM you must have a system and have 7,500 watts rms or less on your sub stage.

If you entered the previous months 1,000 watt rms or less contest but did not win don't worry you can enter this month as well, but be warned competition this month should be fierce!!!


This month 1 lucky winner will get a huge generous prize from Incriminator Audio!


Up for grabs is a pair of Incriminator Audio I Series subwoofers (the winner has a choice between a pair of 10s or a pair of 12s), an Incriminator Audio 10.1 Class D monoblock 1,200 watt rms amplifier for the subs, an Incriminator Audio I304 Class A/B 50X4 @ 4ohm 4 channel amplifier, and 2 pairs of Incriminator Audio I65C 6.5 inch component sets.

This is one outstanding package totaling over $1,000 in value!!!


6.5 1.png6.5 2.pngI65C-002.pngI65C-003.png

4 1.png4 2.pngIA-1304-004.pngIA-1304-005.png

monoblock.pngmonoblock 2.pngIA-101-004.pngIA-101-005.png

111.JPG333.JPG 222.JPG444.JPG




Place your SOTM nominees here (yes you can nominate yourself). Remember to post pics, videos and of course a link to the build log on the forum in this post if your nominated.

 Don't forget to check out the RULES of SOTM* before entering!

Now let’s see those nominations!!


01- Juan777

02- Frome901

03- Mr DeeBeez

04- Dereileak

05- 77-AUDIO

06- bolanorthhighlands

07- xpoppadaddyx

08-  tdsa23

09- tony187soundproof

10- alex912005

11- 8ten8

12- johndipo

13- blasting bass4life T$

14- YukonXL04

15- Dragonware

16- K Caudill

17- Damian1995
















*Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.







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I nominate myself



The L@zy Hoe



2005 Chevy Tahoe

2,500 Watts of Highs/Mids

4 10 midrange

4 6.5 midwoofers

4 Tweeters

6 Supertweeters

2 Lithium 80AH Batteries

24K Watts

4 Custom 18s

Quad alt setup Rebuilt 250amp and 3 370s

Interior work by Lone Star Auto Works


The Build Log

Like Loud Bass? Click Here!


On 12/5/2014 at 8:06 PM, juan777 said:

See yall there, I'll be the drunk Mexican with aviators on.

On 12/6/2014 at 10:32 PM, boom50cal said:

I did see Juan LMFAO! He REALLY WAS the drunk mexican with Aviators on!


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I would like to nominate myself.

2 HDC4 15's on 2 Q3500's strapped.

151+ sealed on the dash clamping 6,100 w. 

Build Log:    https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/201045-soundqubed-blazer-hdc4-15s-on-7k/?page=21



Fi Team 18's (4)
Crossfire 16k
Crossfire 400.4 & 800.4
Pioneer AVH-X491bhs
140ah cmax
CES 320's (2)

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Why wouldn't I nominate myself?

2 Crystal Audio Solutions cs6-8s

Sundown SAZ2500D 

XS batteries

JL 4 channel running mids and highs

138db sealed 143db outlaw. Clamping 1300rms

20170912_112825 - Copy.jpg


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