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15 hours ago, reedal said:

I answered which wires are what. As far as soldering two different size wires together, it's no different than soldering two of the same size wires together, with the exception that is will not take as long to heat up the smaller wire as it will the larger wire. slide the heat shrink on, strip the wire, slide the strands of the smaller wire in to the strands of the larger wire so they're interlaced, place soldering iron underneath copper, insert solder from above, let it flow over the copper, remove soldering iron, let solder harden, slide heath shrink over solder joint, and apply heat to seal. ta-dahhhhhhh

Thanks for the quick soldering lesson. I was more concerned about the potential fire hazard or other malfunction due to different wire sizes being connected together. Like, wouldn't there be more current or less resistance going thru the larger size wire coming from the battery then stepping the wire down to such a small size? I was thinking of the electricity like water. Going from a big pipe to a really small pipe. The pressure on the small pipe would be greater potentially causing problems because of the increased pressure from the larger pipe. Again, I don't know much about electrical things and maybe I'm over thinking this entire thing. I just don't want to set my brand new car on fire because of a stupid mistake or poor equipment design. I was also thinking that (and I don't understand the reasoning behind it) that when you hook up an amp, you need to use the same size ground as power. This would be using different size ground (24g) than power (18g at battery). Wasn't sure if that would cause problems. Again, just trying to not set my car on fire. Your snarky sarcasric responses, while funny, aren't very helpful. I know how to solder just don't know a whole lot about electrical loads and stuff like that. Maybe if you took some of your obvious vast wealth of knowkedge, wit, and sense of humor and used it to get laid every now and then you wouldn't be such a miserable jerk and would be more willing to help someone. 


Or maybe my question really is that stupid and I'm over thinking things...who knows!  

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Theres your beginners guide to help you out with electronic theory.


You said in your first post that the meter's power wire is ~16ga. If you own wire strippers, it'll be easy for you to figure out what gauge the wire actually is. If you're uncomfortable using the included wiring and fuse, then change the wire to match the gauge that comes from the meter. You don't need to. Tony D'amore isn't going to design and produce a fire hazard. There are a number of people using these meters that all got the same stuff you did. 


You must be a real big boy with all of the insults you like throwing at me. Great work, champ!

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