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    I did mine with the engine on. The way I see it, your car is off, approx. 12.6-13.0v on the battery. You set the gain. Now you go and turn your car on. Now it is running at around 14v-14.6v meaning it well make more power compared to where it was just at, and thus possibly creating clipped signal. Am I wrong here? It only seems logical to me. I have had my system like this for ever and have never had ANY problems.
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    Got me a new tool set thanks to my father. Out of the blue he bought this for me and said it was for helping out with my sister in college.
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    The Toyota or the Bimmer? lmao j/k
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    100 W RMS at 4-ohms? Time to get a power supply build to run this thing.
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    arrived today cant wait to install it a do a few burnouts
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    6 SMD Distortion Detector DD-1's VS. 2 Oscilloscope's - testing some customer returns on the bench with typical results. Even had one guy say "it doesn't work on my amp because it isn't in sync with my other distortion detector. I think it's broke". Turns out his "other distortion detector" was a clip light on his bass knob. I have heard all sorts of stories...Whatever, send it back. I gotta adjust my return policy LOL
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    Ghost customs, chrome it up!
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    When all my coursework is due by sunday for the week and I get an emial today saying oh no this was due yesterday. Motherfucker do we have different definitions of all or are you just a fucking retard
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    Idk if this is just a bulldog thing but she sits like this all the time.
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    FULL warranty for the used units too (thought i would mention). We back our stuff up all day long. Even if YOU mess it up, just be honest and we can get you back on the road quick! I get people making up wild stories and it just isn't necessary LOL
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    338 amp singer alt for my 2000 mountaineer
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    Then no one would run <1ohm, make 4th/6th orders, and other things like that. lol. On topic here, want to here some from more educated people(Mr.D'Amore himself???)
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    Tantric's customer service and the pricing they offer... most likely ordering an HD 15 in the morning if it can be setup how I want it for the right price(softer spiders, direct leads, carbon cap).
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    I think the manual also says off
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    Car should be off, to account for voltage drop..
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    Turn that 4.5 into a 3.5 if you stop the spinning
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    People that do good deeds for others
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    when you clean / wax ur car and people ask if it was recently repainted..
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    All that sexy engraving, but still no pins.
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    Time for some dash fabrication......
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    Not staying on track for my build.
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    Also seen a couple of very skillfull people not getting paid enough, they just don't have the language down . Ontopic. Sold the CBR 600RR. N got a Daytona 675 Impala back there ready for next build later on this year
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    Well done Alan... You make me proud.
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    Easy on us UAW workers......the day usually doesn't end on Friday..I've been working mandatory minimum 52 hour weeks since last march...
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    All Pre-orders have shipped. Our site www.SkarAudio.com has all the new woofers that arrived Friday/Yesterday now updated on it, including this ZVX-8, DDX Series, and ZVXv2 models. We will be doing new pictures and adding more info to whats already posted shortly. Thank you for bearing with us on the delay's of the ZVX-8s, but we are certain those of you who ordered them and future customers will be very pleased with their performance =) -Kevin
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    GoodYear Assurance TripleTred All-Season (P225/60R16 98H) for my Monte SS ...
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    what did you use to make the kerf cuts? how do you not cut completley thru the wood?

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