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  1. If you're happy don't fuck with it. Otherwise stop worrying and go for it.
  2. If that's the concern, why not something bigger like .50bmg or .408? Aside from the +$2.00 per round of the .408 the .50 and .338 are pretty close in price per round and the spectrum of options for the .50 also. Not knocking the .338, just curious. I know a few dudes who are into the .375 cheytac for 2k yds stuff, really sweet cartridges.
  3. Dope. Looks like a neat design from what I can find
  4. lame. Get a TM-1. I have used pc controllers and they are almost all junk and even then you don't get the three stage temp output of our product. On a side note, ours CAN be used in PC's and have. Aha, I'm just now realizing you clowns beat me to my idea. Definitely buying one once I have some cashish ready. Lol.
  5. That's fucking dope. Lol. On the topic of fan controllers, anyone here ever experimented with fan controllers meant for PC's? I've been eyeballing a few lately thinking they could be really nice for keeping an eye on amp temps, and having control over fan noise.
  6. The downfiring is the only thing that would make me shy away from the Havoc. Otherwise that would definitely give you a flatter response while probably being right in the neighborhood SPLwise.
  7. Get a Fi X lol You could probably try giving Sundown a call tomorrow though.
  8. Yeah unless you plan on leaving it stock or nearly stock it will ultimately cost less to build from the start. I wanted to but couldn't get my hands on a lower, ended up with the M&P. Not the way I'd want to do things again.
  9. Just finished up my friend's AR. Pretty standard stuff, relatively low budget but it came out pretty sweet. Right around the same weight as mine is right now (though my scale is broken so I couldn't tell you what the actual weight is lol) so not bad at all. Hopefully it shoots okay.
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