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  1. I clicked the title in my eyes i seen"girl friends first anal" chode will b in here too thinking he seen the same thing :/ But a beefy 10 in a t-line on 600 watts nothing more
  2. I built one in a few days not hard just patience and attention to detail best tools are right infront of you Pen and a napkin and if u want some color grab a few crayons is all u need
  3. It also gets louder with elevation as well.i remember kasey and i would be slammin to 99vics house as soon as we climb this big ass hill turns brutal out of no where
  4. I have heard the tahoe old subs and amps and new amps and subs. Very brutal but the hoopty having a 1 wall 2more cone its louder very uncomfortable to sit in as far as feeling like ur swallowing a golf ball nuff said. Piss fest debate in 3 2 1.......
  5. U should do what i did mount a granade u under your seats tie the string to your door handle so when some one else opens it boom. Cuz if i can't have what i paid for you can't have it neither Ok im kidding but get an alarm either a pager
  6. There is a guy that has one on here then therr is another escalade i seen it in a newer one
  7. Said u been a member here for a while before posting you should get to know this place a little and where things are located, if u can't do that on your own we can assign you a tour guide if needed. Start with the rules work your way into other sections
  8. Inb4 a bigger penis But post in here this would b the real section for ps http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/forum/160-photo-shop-gurus-show-off-your-photo-shop-skills-here/
  9. I am a truck driver I love stopping at . TA's its all you can eat but unless you are stoned with munchies like a a dog and haven't ate in a month chances are you arr not getting seconds
  10. Most that bill got back were sent out and "modded" from what he told me. Iirc he said what re problem was and they haven't had any problems after that
  11. I would assume the piping for the air vent that u see right there goes right through there
  12. damn that power wheel is about to be sittin clean as fawk
  13. little car huge woofers is out played now... but looks good man +1 on craftsmanship, i know how hard it is to build a box/wall from scratch PITA
  14. I heard from someone I think it was jack, that Ipods clip all the way up but if you ease off just a bit, it doesn't clip. I never tested it but I always kept it down a little never had issues or a blown woofer Edit: Droid Smh
  15. This is a perfect example of why that thread about you was made.... if this isn't post dumping what is it? As for the video can't see it my evo is being gay and doesn't want to load it...
  16. There u go http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/111958-lots-of-stuff-for-sale/
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