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  1. Can anybody teach me how to add music to Youtube vids? Their "library" is pretty weak. And Im failing at Google.

  2. So happy to see our tax dollars hard at work; Brady and deflategate still in the courts. The court system should have no involvement in non-criminal athlete discipline. Lets get real, even if deflating footballs is cheating, there is no "law" against it. Its a game. Fucking retards run this country.

    1. zack_e89


      Welcome to America. Look at all the retards we elect to represent us(Congress, etc. - not just the jokes we have as possible presidential nominees), and they represent us quite well.

    2. Tarball


      actually civil court is made for this exact type of dispute.

    3. Miguels


      are you kidding me?

  3. Colorado or Washington?

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    2. Kyblack76


      Washington. Mostly for the people, (they are rad up there) and to be by the coast. Just me

    3. OrionStang


      Grandparents and other family in Wash., I lived there for two years. Weather, either way, I can deal with.

  4. Love him or hate him, the game gonna miss him. Farewell Mamba!

  5. I get good deals from Maximum Motorsports through my installer. Mounts to the strongest part of the car, not the floorboard. The two rear tubes will be custom fit. Not sure on the labor, but likely around 6-650 for the kit. http://www.maximummotorsports.com/Drag-Race-6-point-Mustang-Roll-Bar-E-Z-Remove-door-bars-fixed-harness-mount-2005-2014-hardtop-P1403.aspx
  6. Of course, but Im thinking if a stray spark goes under there. How quickly can it go up? LOL Guess I could try to pull a sizable piece and do some experimenting.
  7. I know this stuff is flammable, but how worried do I need to be about sparks from welding catching it on fire. Already started the tedious task of cleaning the area's where the cage will mount, and obviously will have blankets down. There will be an extinguisher nearby, but would rather not have to use it. Thoughts? Experience?
  8. LOL. Define excessive. Im sure temps inside my car are 150+ in the summer. Probably more on the sheet metal in the sun, ie quarter panels. Solid as fuck still.
  9. How cold is cold? I've applied it in the 50s, just clean the area well. It is a bit more difficult to into corners and on curved surfaces, since its less flexible. Mine's still there almost 7 years later, and ain't coming off LOL
  10. Can't decide whether to sell the P99 or not. Everything else is gone, might as well, right?

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    2. ToNasty


      Put it in the car. Then it won't be sitting

    3. Kyblack76


      Wish I could get it from ya

    4. Soccerballzs


      Keep it it is the Holy Grail of HU's.

  11. I don't run Mechman, but on my alt, we switched the pulley back to the stock clutched unit and eliminated slip/squeal. Ninja'd-LOL^
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