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  1. Cheapest deterrence doesnt even need ammo, just the sound of a shotgun loading lol
  2. well this is a first....most people I see build the wall THEN do the foaming...not the other way around. lol yea I dont know what this kids plan is. Said he wants to fiberglass the foam then attach a baffle but I dont know what the hell he is attaching the baffle to haha
  3. how about a difference in legs between your girlfriend and her mom, thanks. been trying to 18+ access for a long time
  4. my cat has a cold and is trying to sneeze. Someone please caption this.
  5. Dang Beatbox making a comeback in posts! I remember when I first joined that you were all over the forum. First transaction ever on here was with you
  6. Winston the munchkin cat and I just chillin He actually won a pet contest that my apartment complex hosted
  7. Whataburger started selling their ketchup, mustard, and sauces. My girlfriend and I decided to make our own Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwhich and they tasted almost identical! Well worth making it yourself
  8. Please dont come to Austin. It's so fucking packed now. Way too many people moved here
  9. I was leaving a restaurant and saw this car. I cannot imagine what the driver had to have run over to achieve such an accomplishment such as ripping off and entire exhaust system
  10. A vehicle with a manufacturer plate in the late 6 months of the year is actually the next year for what the car is
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