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  1. https://v.redd.it/1a5v9jrodrs11/DASH_2_4_M
  2. Went through the log of some of the dashcam shenanigans
  3. Happy 14th birthday ya brown piece of
  4. SnowDrifter

    XS Power or Kinetic

    Unless you have both batteries side by side, with identical age, have load tested both of them, and have had them for years under identical use, this thread is purely speculation. XS power is sponsor here and makes an excellent product
  5. SnowDrifter

    What is gain overlap?

    Potentially, yes. The SMD OM-1 would offer the functionality similar to what you're looking for. You'll still need to set your amp's gain appropriately AND the om-1. But once it's set up, you're set
  6. The fuck is with DC Power's site?
  7. Samsung CFG70, 24", 144hz. The curved one Connected via thunderbolt to displayport cable Issue: When the monitor is set to 144hz, some of the top-row pixels exhibit a streaking effect. Issue occurs independent of refresh rate settings in windows. It does not occur of the monitor is set to 120hz or below Steps taken to resolve: Tried a different computer, reset display settings. I don't have a different TB/DP cable to try, and the monitor only has a single display port in. Doesn't do it via an HDMI connection but HDMI doesn't support 144hz, where the issue occurs anyway. Opted not to mess with display drivers as it does the same on 2 different machines. However both display drivers were verified up to date https://imgur.com/lFMvnFy Any other ideas on what to try before I consider this a hardware failure?
  8. Tony C FTW Piggyback fan control switch. Dude's as helpful as can be and build quality on his stuff passes the 'snow' test
  9. Yeah I have the 2007 brakes on it. Bout an inch larger. Had exactly a cunt hair of clearance with the wheels. Can get a pic if you want. It's almost comical how close it is
  10. When pressing shift+enter to create a new, single spaced line, comments on videos display <br> in the sidebar rather than the empty space shown when pressing enter