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  1. Gave the turd a bath. Again. Can't keep the bugs off this thing for more than a minute
  2. https://www.harborfreight.com/7-piece-drill-stop-set-38336.html
  3. I'd think a dab of loctite would help secure it in place. But in all honesty, that shouldn't be an issue anyway
  4. Gave the 'ol turd a bath. Got tired of borderline not being able to see out the windshield through the bugs
  5. SnowDrifter

    custom desktop speakers

    Those turned out nice! How do they sound?
  6. Why is this thread still open anyways? Waste of everyone's time
  7. "i can do anything i want with parts custom or off the shelf." Remind me why you're busy slamming a business for not putting up with your high maintenance ass instead of doing it yourself? After all.... You can do anything!
  8. Going by your previous post, you were looking to purchase secondhand molds? Body panels? for your own uses. So your solution is to go ask a business for their tools - their source of income . I guess those belonged to an employee, who has since left. So now you want to boycott a business for not helping you badger one of their previous employees, as someone who isn't even a customer of theirs. Does that sound about right?
  9. SnowDrifter

    4th order 15 not hitting like its supposed to

    Problem solved?
  10. SnowDrifter

    4th order 15 not hitting like its supposed to

    99% of the time it's not the sub, it's the box
  11. SnowDrifter

    4th order 15 not hitting like its supposed to

    At a glance it doesn't look like it would be due to any funky loading. @Joe X helps a lot with box designs