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  1. are we still updating the site ?? I can not acess my SMD Garage. Please help ...

    1. meade916


      relax bro it is on the list of things to do.  

  2. Big Problem ... Can not access my SMD Garage


    please help

    1. audiofanaticz


      Site is still being worked on daily, will add it to the list.

  3. Ok, after two heats it lost its novelty. Kind of boring Yep, been watching this too. Should be ALOT more fun if you was the one driving. Definitely a competitor's sport.
  4. Something about that old timer I like.Floating every gear !!! Man, I'd love to browse around his junk yard !!! ... and take that old cab over Wrecker for a spin !!!
  5. When you set up a DC Circuit, you should always connect your grounds first. DC current flow (from what I've always learned in my years of electronics) travels negative to positive. When you disconnect a DC Circuit ... ground first.
  6. I would start a build logon my daily, but I don't never have any time to work on the truck. this sux !!!

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    2. ToNasty


      I have a 8002 if that's stopping you :)

    3. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      build log has started. going to be a LONG journey !!! Please check it out !!!

    4. audiofanaticz


      sleep less then you have more time! lol

  7. Nobody deserves to be run off the road and quite possibly killed by an impatient driver. I mean NOBODY !!!The driver of the truck should be arrested for wreckless driving, fleeing the scene of an accident, and attempted murder ... Plain and simple.
  8. Bout ready to get my DGAF build started. Going with 2 15s on this one.

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    2. cthedinger


      Send me a message. I will hook you up.

    3. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      I sent you a PM. I think ...

    4. _paralyzed_


      I give a fuck. Post them pics!

  9. WTF ??? Why are You taking pics of my home theater addition ??? Bitch wouldn't let me set it up In the living room so I had to do something ...
  10. LOL, You must have been as high as a Georgia pine when you posted that shit bro ...
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