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  1. You know, that shit they sell at Walmart to repair boats ... Man, I'm really enjoying watching this car. Awesome Work !!! Can't wait to get your response on the difference it makes on the noise floor !!!
  2. Are you going to do the test where you drive it off into a swimming pool, wait a week, to pull it back out and see if any water got into the cabin area ???
  3. These drivers you are running on the dash ... If you don’t mind answering ahead of the game, what amplification are you going with ?? My apologies if you’ve already posted this.
  4. take a simple test. Get a thick towel and lay up on the dash. only difference is a custom dash pad is made to contour the curves of the dash and allow for defroster vents. but for testing purposes, a thick towel works great.
  5. Most think I'm full of shit about a dash pad, but I stick to my guns because I've seen the improvements on a score sheet. Can't wait to get your thoughts when you compare the difference with and without ...
  6. Testify my brother !!! !!! i love it when a girl tells her man after she gets out of the Avalanche ... “you need to rip your shit out and install what he’s got !!!” Or ... “why can’t yours sound like that ???”
  7. I would love to hear a set like this. Drivers look very beefy and would seem to be nice with major power handling.
  8. Interesting enclosure design. Wish I had better Router / Fiber glassing skills. I'm tuned in Brother !!!
  9. They look like drivers from the old DIY CSS website.
  10. With an optimal enclosure to driver specs, know and operate at your driver's limits, you should be fine.
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