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  1. My kids hooked on this new Pokemon game. Anyone else play ??

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    2. Krakin


      Sad thing is, their stock price is still lower than before they released the original Wii.

  2. Got a few pics of my Slime Green Silverado updated in my Garage if anyones interested.

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    2. Carnines


      How much did that run ya? Looks great.

    3. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      Bought it that way

    4. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      I'm having a hard time finding a matching color code for touch ups.

  3. I wish that for one fucking minute I could get some work done to my truck with out my wife calling needing me to stop and help her or my work calling telling me I have a call !!! I have no time to do anything !!!

    1. ChevyBoy95


      Easy, sledgehammer + phone = problem solved.

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      I feel you. Took my wife to slammology and now she wants to do a build

    3. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      The wife has been to several events with me.

  4. Got me a Green 94 Chevy Silverado extended cab (without the 3rd door).

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    2. Jessica
    3. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      Yea, the fav work for the double din in gonna be challenging.

      Pics soon brother. Replacing the evaporator core atm ...

  5. Chill Master Will. It was an honor to meet up with you and talk shop !!! I was in the cable industry and with you being in telephone, we had ALOT to talk about. And yea, talking shop about car audio was fun to ... Best of luck this year. I had problems with my truck that forced my our of competing for a while. But I WILL be back one day !!! Hope I can see you again soon my friend.
  6. May be getting another Silverado. Possibly a 94 model extended cab without the 3rd door. Going to look at it tomorrow.

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    2. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      I'm waiting patiently to get my hands on that dash !!!

      My 5.25" drivers will be my main focal point to this new setup.

  7. We have Snap-On, Cornwell, and Mac that swings buy our shop every week. I'm slowly picking up tools for the Wrecker from all of them ... Certain stuff I like from different trucks.
  8. Nice Snap-On gear there Steve. I've got to pic up the 1/2" impact driver for my heavy Wrecker sometime here I'm the near future. Expensive ... But worth every penny when you use them everyday.
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