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  1. thanks. I can never get that shit to work
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0z8AmDk1A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0z8AmDk1A WARNING. This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Mods, if you don't ant this posted up, you can take it down. It's just too damn funny to not share...
  3. man the surround on a type-R is a lot tougher than you think.... It will be fine ....It may not handle a boatload of power, but they are built really well, almost over built for a thousand watt sub...
  4. really nice work... but what did you mean about somebody wanting more than you did? was it stolen?
  5. Since he has gone public with his face, It would be cool to see a demo of him sitting in the drivers seat giving those subs a workout. Hell, even a little review of what he thinks about all of it in here would be cool. but most of all, like everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting the day you guys post up pics of new wheels and paint.
  6. Cool... I was kinda wondering , cause I caught them mounted up in the video, but you didnt really go into detail about them and their mounting. And you answered my next question in the last post.... I guess you will stick a couple of screws in the backer plate after the door panel is on the door, but before you actually mount some of the speakers in the door. Good stuff man. thanks.
  7. can you show some pics of how you mounted the backer plate to the door panel? or is it just super glued on to hold it until you glass it up?
  8. I know they are new and all, and they look really nice, but I just don't think I would roll a set of wheels and tires into my den.
  9. He is 13 after all, so he is right, all the time, and he will continue to think so for at least another two years or so. It is a horrible and stubborn side effect of male puberty. Through all the major poor decisions of my early twenties, my father still says that his and my mother's most difficult years of raising my brother and I were when we were 12- 16 years old. According to him, at that age, I knew everything.... or at least that is what I told him! He will grow past this mentality.
  10. MLCS and Rockler has some of the best deals and most functional router tables out there. Rockler even has some bench top models with nice fences and accessories for great prices. check out the links below , maybe it will save you a little leg work. MLCS router table pages www.rockler.com router table pages
  11. I tried them all, and trying to compensate for compressed music with EQ adjustments in the ipod just doesn't work. Some songs will be louder than others, and some will just sound weak. It is the inherent drawback of the ipod. Get your favorite tracks on a CD and use those for demos and impressing your buddies if you must.
  12. A short clip ( maybe 2 or 3 minutes, I think ) is on the IASCA stereo test CD. Damn good quality too.
  13. Why don't you just get a bass CD of some sort or maybe a industrial group like VNV Nation... Easy and clean lyrics, all the Bass you could want for a demo.
  14. I actually had the XXV-01D , same as you .... sold to a member on here after I installed my Alpine 9887 . I simply haven't looked back. The XXV-01D was and still is a bad ass deck, a tuners dream. The Alpine is much easier to use, the ipod set up is way better, and the tuning features are comparable to the kenwood that you have, but, and my favorite of all , is the alpine 9887 has the imprint capabilities, which made one hell of a difference for me.
  15. nice car... but ou haven't been gone that long...maybe a week or so?
  16. great stuff is pretty much it. Just be warned, it gets very messy. cover anything you dont want drips to fall on....
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