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  1. Thanks for all the help guys. I do have all the same color wires.. Blue speaker wires and red power wires. Im OCD about my wires lol. But ill def get some 0 guage this week. Im always real careful when messing with my amps..
  2. Thank you CJvue. I think that will be my next mission. And i can get 3 runs with a spool so that will be perfect!
  3. I do see the logic in it but i dont mind doing some more runs. I guess it cant hurt and then ill swap out the front battey as well. I have heard that before. Which then i need 3 runs of +. Although i might as well do more for my next rebuild.. Im on the fence of doing a dual alt setup its just a pain in the ass on monte carlos from what i understand. No i dont think that was me. This was my first post in probably a month or 2. I never see voltage over 15
  4. Im planning on buying a spool Or two of 0 gauge for some more runs. But someone a local shop told me "your alternator only puts out 270amps at full tilt so theres no need for more runs". but i have heard other wise on here. My car is walled so i have been dreading doing more runs.. Im aware my front battery sucks. Just bought 6 G31s so im stopping the bleeding for a little bit. Then ill up the front one to something new. Im grounded twice in the trunk on either side of the strut plate. I sanded down the area like all hell to try and get a solid ground
  5. This may be a noob question but.. I have a DC power 270xp amp alt. 6 G31 agm deep cycle batteries in the trunk(i have a regular acid battery under the hood) i run a crescendo 5500 and a crecendo 1600.2 am i in need of some more runs of 0 gauge? Or do i need a dual alt set up. I only have 1 positive run of 0 gauge thats it! So im already going to do at least 3 more. I drop into the low 12s voltage wise at idle. id like to sit a little higher.. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. you got it! glad i can be apart of skar! nice meeting you to man! it was nice meeting everyone and seeing the cars. i'm definitely looking forward to the next show!
  7. here are some pictures of me and my car at the show. By boxman420 at 2012-03-26 By boxman420 at 2012-03-26 did some damage at the show By boxman420 at 2012-03-26
  8. Allright i have been on here a long time. just browsing. i usually have nothing to add. im here to learn. i love cars and car audio. on my days off i go to my friends shop(who is doing the wall and the doors on my car) just to watch and be around cars. anyways im from eustis florida, and i will be at SBN 2012, so come check it out! heres the equipment that is/and will be going into it. subs stage.. 6 skar VVX 12s in a ported wall tuned to 36hz. Crescendo BC5500. knukonceptz OFC speaker wire, 8 gauge leads to 12 guage into the subs front stage.. 4 O2 audio component sets fiberglassed doors crescendo 1600.2 Misc. all knukoncepz wiring pioneer AVH-4300 DC power 270XP alternator. 3 G31 batteries in the back for now. second skin damp pro.. i feel like there is alot more to it but i cant think of it right now..i have everything except for the BC5500 which i am ordering next week. the wall and the doors will also be done next week and will of course post picture when that is done. heres a few pictures i have of my car and its current state. By boxman420 at 2012-02-02 By boxman420 at 2012-02-02 By boxman420 at 2011-11-16 By boxman420 at 2012-01-14 By boxman420 at 2012-01-14 By boxman420 at 2012-01-04 doors sound deadened and ready to go. By boxman420 at 2012-01-28 just a start to the doors By boxman420 at 2012-02-23 all the subs(big thanks to kevin at skar audio! ) i have a Crescendo BC2000 powering the subs in the box By boxman420 at 2012-02-23 well thanks everyone i hope you enjoy! and i will for sure have updates back up hopefully in the next week! and maybe some TL numbers
  9. i think i waited a month or so for my DD-1 but it was worth it. id wait another month if i had too for a CC-1
  10. thats about 4x what he wants to spend.....
  11. i had 2 of their models before the new ones. and they took 1000 watts RMS daily on a BC2000.. still bang in my friends car to this day. i always recommend them to people just getting into it
  12. Happy birthday Kevin. Tax season=more subs for me too!
  13. What was the problem? i almost dont even want to say cause its embarrassing lol. . but it may help someone in the near future. in the box with the alternator it comes with a wiring harness. i thought it was just a extender. cause my wires BARELY fit on the mechman alternator i had, i had to re route them to get them to fit and it was still extremely tight. but no.... you need it. just plugged it in to my factory plug and then pluged the other end in. on the side that goes to the alternator it has a wire comming off that has a ring terminal on it. that goes on the copper post of the alternator. and bam everything works like a perfectly! i feel stupid, but now my dash lights arnt strobing
  14. correct me if im wrong but arnt HO alternators internally regulated? i have 0 knowledge about alternators. but i had a Mechman 2 pin alternator and i have a 4pin but only 2 wires go into my 4 pin. so i just rewired it to the mechman and it would only put out 13.5 volts because it was under regulated due to the PCM, atleast thats what Mechman had told me. so i sent that back for a refund since it wasnt the right alternator. and am now with this new one. it hooks up perfectly to the stock plug but it just charges way to high.. im very confused. i have spent the passed few hours looking on the internet trying to find a solution but im totally lost....
  15. i quick shut the car off.. i think i found the issue already.. but i gotta check. i was using a DMM i dont think the stinger volt meter reads that high
  16. hey guys so i finally got my DC power 270XP alternator and.. i went to put it in this morning and it is charging at 19.5 volts at idle. i dont dare rev the engine.. my guess is the wiring is wrong? somehow? im a noob when it comes to this kind of electrical. so if anyone could help id appreciate it. i called DC power but they are in california so they arnt open yet..
  17. cant wait to see this one! it looked awesome at the show in orlando. cant wait to see it in SBN!
  18. i had 2 alpine type R 12s powered by a crescendo BC2000 in a ported box wired to 1 ohm and it sounded awesome! i drive a monte carlo so there was no way i was getting a 8x4ft sheet of MDF into my car. so i had lowes cut it. i told them what it was for and told them every cut had to be EXACT. and they did it perfectly to my cut sheet.
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