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  1. if on a budget the p600 if not then keep it matching and get the t600. otherwise you wont really hear a difference to the ear.
  2. ha, im in wasilla.. way to small but atleast there isnt as many people to deal with.
  3. you can always run a bigger wire. the 1500 can pull up to 200amp but average is around 100.
  4. the only difference I know for car audio is that Rockford ( not sure on the truth ) is going to crack down on unauthorized dealers for punch products. meaning it might be harder to get punch products at a cheap price soon
  5. Their current sight is set on side by sides and the like so I don't they are coming out with new amps. And they aren't attending Ces this year. The did sema instead.
  6. 4 punch pro 6.5 and 2 punch 8" shallows. Can't forget sound deadener, batteries, copper battery terminals, and 0g to 4g reducers. Then it's build time
  7. T600-4 I've installed a few setups with those speakers and the 600watt 4 ch
  8. Haven't beat on the t0 but I have on the t1. Did an install for someone running just under 1500 per. Was 2 12s. They took it fine but it would be pushing the limits of the t0. The t1 unlike the t0 has a copper heat sink that helps with thermal capabilities. I would go over 1200 on the t0 12. 1500 for a comp sure but no more then 1200 daily. If you know your pushing the limits and watch your volume you can push your luck at 1500watts but just know it could be risky
  9. This will be awesome. I did a box for a 19" on a 2500bdcp in a Yukon back in March. Tuned at 35hz it was wanting to destroy the Yukon. Single layer of sound deadened in the whole suv and it was flexing like crazy. The windshield and dash was just smacking against each other. Rockford posted pics up of it on there Facebook page. Can't wait to see this one done. Should be a lot better with Mr. Meade behind the creation of it.
  10. I work at a Rockford dealer. I've seen 1 of those amps fail do to over heating on the time I've been working here. Going on 3 years. Suggested wire size is 10g we use 8g to ensure its getting what it needs. They do need some space for airflow though. The power series mini amps are fan cooled and constant power for the 4ch. The 5 channel is essentially the 4ch and 1ch amps mounted in one case. Haven't seen the 5ch but i have comeplete faith in it working 100%.
  11. A single run of ofc 0g is good for 300amps. With a max of about 260amps of power draw you will be fine. I personally would do 0g and add a battery to the back rather then using a distro block.
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