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  1. if you can do all of that and not move that gauge (even though not a super accurate one), you arent loud enough then. Lol.
  2. not sure what is going on but i cant see the original post it is just black. unless deleted? Jake made me laugh a bit. ... and Kyle is a straight savage.
  3. i love slam but i wish it wasnt so damn hot. lots of heavy hitters in protect 10-15min into demos. including hearse. mids sounded great though, didnt get inside it was just turned down as i was about to peek in.
  4. ive test drove the regular cts with v6. gets the job done for me. and so comfy. and big man friendly. im 300+ also test drove 300C with hemi - dont test drive it - made me want to buy it instead of caddy because i roasted the tires on the first corner. AND also to those pointing out different sources to host URL pic i am using DropBox without a problem so far. #farewellphotobucketyoudonkeys
  5. go so excited for paint cans and it is just a picture with a play button in the middle. .... now back to surfing paint cans i mean cannons.
  6. someone at my place HIGH up was always on my rear about how long i took lunch for. not too sure why because i get an hour lunch and was always back before an hour time anyways. so he would just be like, "how long is your lunch? people in my department only get 30 minutes" and everytime i would tell him, "i get an hour". and this guy had always been really sneaky (AKA hypocrite asf) so he would take 1.5-2 hour lunches sometimes. so one day i happened to see him walking out to his car at around 1135 and thought hmm that is a weird time to leave for lunch. 12 rolled around and BING email from him saying stepping out for lunch which i knew is bulls**t. so i took my lunch. 1pm comes, i go back out to work and notice his car is still gone. hmm ok. so he finally got back around 230.... i am walking to my office and notice him at the printer so i said hey, whered you go for lunch today? and he just STARES at me and says, nowhere actually i had some other things to do. so i said, oh thats cool i guess.... then about an hour later he comes into my office, "why did you ask where i went to lunch?" and then i crushed him, "well you left at 1135 and got back at 230 and i thought people in your department only got 30 minute lunches" ... and he lost it, "HOW DARE YOU WATCH ME" "COME HERE YOUNG MAN WE ARE HAVING A TALK WITH YOUR BOSS" "I THINK YOU SHOULD BE FIRED FOR THIS" ... ya that was a fun time. dodged a bullet too because my boss was on my side. now ive never had a problem with the guy since, go figure.
  7. good weekend lots of hangouts and gave Brent Anderson a demo he liked it

  8. have you driven one? it really does take you for a ride once it gets into boost. the tires hop and chirp for traction in 1st and 2nd.
  9. buddy of mine has a speed 3 ... once that puppy gets in to boost look out lol.
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