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  1. i know it is a bit overkill but if it is way too much then i will just use 2 or 1. but if you got em, use em.
  2. Alright, i am sure you guys have heard this many times before. I have 4 18" FI BTL N2 subwoofers (V1) and I want to install them in my living room. Being dual 2 subs... I could wire one to one amp at 4ohm in series. So, guess ill need 4 amps. Any suggestions? i have been looking and found a few dayton audio amps.. I havent found anything that does around 1500 watts rms at 4 ohm. I am assuming this isnt common in home audio? Or will i need to hook up my welder to my 750.1? Lol.
  3. 5 crossfire xsm8 loudspeakers in each door. power comes from a taramp 3000 HD. had them in for a month or so now. no problems. still deciding on when to put the shag carpet on. glassed both sides. made a mess as usual. strong though.
  4. if you can do all of that and not move that gauge (even though not a super accurate one), you arent loud enough then. Lol.
  5. i hope you dont plan on building the entire shell out of plywood.
  6. nope. leave the port as is. also i would double up on the port walls as well, 1.5" thick and make sure there are no gaps where it meets the top and bottom of the box or else the low tuning will rip off your port walls. if you do have some gaps, might want to get PL premium and fill them up good.
  7. i mean i love that its tuned in the 20s. but if it sounds like my neighbors headboard every night then ur not gonna like it, so double baffle.
  8. not sure what is going on but i cant see the original post it is just black. unless deleted? Jake made me laugh a bit. ... and Kyle is a straight savage.
  9. its gonna flex. especially at that tuning.
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