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  1. Just a basic. Slot Ported box. Please/ thanks
  2. He doesnt accept messages. And maybe someone has a basic plan for that skar team 12.
  3. So just picked up a skar txl. 12. Goin in a 2008 dodge charger trunk of i could get a box plan for it. That would help Greatly. I will be running a sksr 4500 amp. have wood ready to cut
  4. joe long time no talk. I loved your design on my L715 back in the day. I need a new design for a skar txl. 12. On a sksr 4500 for a 2008 dodge charger srt8 thanks Mike
  5. Joe x. Has came for me before had a perfect box..im in need again.please
  6. alot of people gunna be buying plexi boxes o inverting there subs They look Great!
  7. your right i was thinking of my stock bulbs and they were 4300 i swapped em to 6k oops
  8. yea 6 k sounds good or even 6500 if you can find it 8k is to blue 5 is more of the stock yellowish white
  9. do you have the deminsions /plan for that box? i am building a 4 12s in a gran marquis today need a basic cut sheet
  10. just like that stack of money you got there it didnt come off one job or paycheck you put a few dollars in the safe then a few more then a few more then by year 2 you got enough to post online to show everyone..you can do the same with speakers too if you know half the stuff about installing you dont have to spend double the price from a'shop' shop save up materials money parts wood carpeting materials everything you can use it later you dont have to get a whole pickup truck worth of equipment and put it in all at once.,
  11. they are the best you can get at the department store so when thats all they know they are guna say i got the loudest subs out there because out of the 7 different brands this was the most expensive they hear these brands they never heard of that will kill the lows and say thats BS speaker i never even seen one of those but just yeserday i had a cvr blow a lil smoke out the port running it with a skar vvx on the other side oops
  12. i have run 12inch l7s , 15 inch l7s , 12 inch cvx, and 1 15 cvr in My cars there upper line of speakers (cvx L5 L7 solo x) all do really well they move plenty of air and make some pressure but alot of people dont like anything mainstream Price is probably there biggest downfall as with the other hated company which makes quality products as well (JL) your paying for a Brand , they just cost to much as ive never had any problems with there subs sure there are lot of brands better for your same money but ive never had any problem with them run a kicker 750.1 amp now and a few others in the past the amps are even better than the speakers
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