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  1. Just a basic. Slot Ported box. Please/ thanks
  2. He doesnt accept messages. And maybe someone has a basic plan for that skar team 12.
  3. So just picked up a skar txl. 12. Goin in a 2008 dodge charger trunk of i could get a box plan for it. That would help Greatly. I will be running a sksr 4500 amp. have wood ready to cut
  4. joe long time no talk. I loved your design on my L715 back in the day. I need a new design for a skar txl. 12. On a sksr 4500 for a 2008 dodge charger srt8 thanks Mike
  5. Joe x. Has came for me before had a perfect box..im in need again.please
  6. "they recommend" 0.9-1.75 per sub i just dont know the port ratio i need
  7. ok so how bout a flat 4 up slot port twards the seats or trunk no 4th order stuff 31.5 wide 27 deep 16 high low tuned
  8. just a short long box with subs ontop of box i need a port dimension to turn it right
  9. Was thinking a square box with like a V pattern 2 on each side with a 1 to 1 ratio but i need someone to do it on a sketchup or box plan program so i can get the sizes cut right
  10. i need a real plan because it has to be precise to sound good in the 4th style
  11. i was thinking making it as shallow as i can since the subs mounting depth are like 5.6 inches 4 12s facing up in the sealed section then build a "box" on top of that box as the ported section like 2 thin boxes on top of each other to send the bass to the rear deck or thru the back seats when they are flipped down
  12. built a big sealed box for the 2 it sounds beter than i thought but still need a nicer ported or bandpass style box for my trunk\
  13. what about not on rated power like a kicker zx750.1 on 2 12s
  14. i have 4 of these i need to make a box for is someone would like to help
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