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  1. alot of people gunna be buying plexi boxes o inverting there subs They look Great!
  2. i woulda hit those layers on the front baffle with some sanding so it looks like one piece but other than that i like it gunna be some loud 2 12s
  3. What can i do with 2 frozen coil alpine type R subs the Silver face ones with red R any possible way to get them working?
  4. nice i just sold my sub today so i am in the market for new
  5. i got to test this thing out in daytona love the box look and sound
  6. well you should get a paypal for the team to pay for membership shirts donations w.e and if you win money as a team or carshow for your club participation it goes to those Teams funds easier to keep track with electronic than cash in your pocket causes trouble
  7. maybe because your playing your"go to bass songs" from the other sub find one for this sub..maybe
  8. right power and right box they can sound great i just heard 12 of those 15s
  9. sounds like cheap vinyl i remember hosing down my car one day and one of my letters just Disappeared in front of me ask em for a refund
  10. i heard alot of these subs yesterday,everyone was banging!
  11. i got to Demo that one sunday i wish someone would post my demo my heavy beanie was floatin all over the place, great build guys
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