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Found 73 results

  1. Wassup guys I'm doing a port swap in the next few days and trying to get opinions/suggestions. I have a box 39.5h x 41.5w x 13.5" d (outer dimensions) with a port 12h x 10w x 40" l which gives me 6.8 cubes tuned at 31hz with 17.75 port per cube. It's just not giving me as much pressure I want on lows. The new port is 12" o.d. Pvc (11.5" I.d.) x 36" l with 2-4" external. This will give me about 8 cubes tuned at 29 with 14.25 p.p.c. I don't have anything to lose, and I'm not building a new box until I design a 6th. So what are your thoughts on what I have now?
  2. I've currently got these two subs sitting on my floor and thought I'd share a few pictures. The SoundStream Logo on the XXX sub is faded because it had been damaged, I cleaned the logo off and are replacing it.
  3. These parts where bought for some problematicly built Fi BTL N3s that had issues from the get go. Pretty much drastic coil rub, even after drop in recones coil rub, but that made me aware of the issue and what was happening. Which was the parts being used on them made the whole assemble too tall, and required you to stretch the surrounds about 1/2 inch down to glue the surround to the basket landing which ended up making the nice half roll surround somewhat flattened out, and caused the woofer cone to only travel so far prior to the surround restricting it and pulling the coil back unevenly. Pretty crappy ordeal considering each woofer was $750, plus shipping, and only had about 21-25mm MAX linear excursion on such a high strength motor. There are a few ways to fix this problem on the 12inch models, some easier then others, but I took the beastly method at fixing the issue. So just a before and after pic, parts are just stuck together. Baskets removed. New baskets on. Gluing the collar, and then the spiders. Gluing and clamping the outer edges of the spider packs. Spider packs glued up. Gluing coil/spider assembly. One glued and clamped, time to start with the 2nd spider pack. The second spider pack glued down. The speaker terminals being used. Top wire is knukonceptz kolossus 4awg (slightly over sized compared to a real 4awg wire) had to trim a little bit of wire for it to fit. Bottom wire is old Stinger iirc 6awg, fits perfect with no trimming. soldering the tinsel leads to the terminals. Getting ready to glue the surrounds to the surround landings. Anyone interested in the finished pics of them sitting next to some Digital Design 9512's I recently reconed???
  4. Looking for a dual 2 ohm Fi SP4 18". Seller must be able to post and the sub should either be in original Fi packaging or a wooden container.
  5. I'm planning on building a box for my Fi Q 15" and would like any feedback. Here is a screenshot of what I've entered into Torres, please let me know if I have made any mistakes or if you have any suggestions, thanks! My only concern is if I should tune any lower? I'd like it to be able to hit as clean as possible across response range (25hz - 100hz -ish)
  6. let me start by saying that Fi has always been my sub of choice, the original triple stack was the first big woofer i ever heard and it was love at first sight. Ever since then i have practically ran Fi subs exclusively, although of all the subs me and my best friend own currently/previously (2-N212s, 2-N215s, 2-N312s, 4-sp4 18s, 1-UFO18, 2-triple stakck 18s) we have never purchased any brand new from Fi. Ive heard the gauntlet of horror stories when it comes to shipping with Fi, but ive never let it deter my love for the quality they produce. Well if finally came time to find new subs since my buddy got a new car with a wall for 3x18s. after much thought i convinced him that he would be better off running 2 monster 18s, and letting me convert the wall to a 6th order. with a limit of 1200-1400 for subs we started looking through all the classifieds for something Fi made/OEM'd that he could run. It didnt take long for me to think that rather than keeping our second hand Fi tradition going, maybe it would be time to start a real relationship with the company that has always done us so right. plus we are going to be waiting for his juicebox to be repaired so the wait would not be an issue. We sent an e-mail to Fi and within a day had a response telling us that Scott would call us the next day and would hash out all the details for the order. The next day my friend received a call from Scott, and the deal was made. I wont divulge all the details, like exact price, but he gave us a hefty discount, on top of the already very reasonable price they ask for the TEAM Fi, along with cooling and carbon dust caps for no extra charge. But wait there's more, we also ordered two hoodies and a shit load of stickers... well they decided to just throw in both hoodies and stickers for FREE!!!!! what an amazing guy! as for the shipping, well we spoke to Scott on Thursday afternoon (10/22), and placed the order right after for 2 TEAM FI 18's. i shit you not.... we received the tracking for both subs on Monday (10/26)?!?!?!?!?! can you fucking believe it?!?!?! thats 4 days...2 business days...turn around for some amazing monster subs. i never expected them to come that fast, they said it was slow now since its right before cyber monday, but still that turn around was ridiculous, i dont even think you could get subs that fast from soundqubed lol, and everything they do is pre-made haha. i just wanted to share my amazing experience with one amazing company!
  7. Alright my question is, do you guys think the zv4 from sundown is an upgrade from a fi btl n2 ? Or would you say they are about the same? Is it worth getting rid of a couple btl's for a couple zv4's ?
  8. cloud77

    MMATS M3000.1

    Got my new amp in today and oooooiiieee am I excited. Dimensions: L 13" W 9.5" H 2.5" Specs: 3k rms @ 13.8V @ 1 ohm 1700 rms @ 2 ohm 850 rms @ 4 ohm I wear a size 12, so its jut a little longer than my shoe =]
  9. FOLLOW LOG FOR SPRING '14 UPGRADES! Larger MechMan, More XS Power, RF Stuff, SHCA Cable +, & more!!! FOLLOW LOG FOR SPRING/SUMMER '13 UPGRADES! RF, Fi Audio, XS Power, MechMan, Stinger, Knu, & more!!! Installed in Spring '12: (Everything Is Box-Fresh New, ... except Kicker ZX550.3 - which I bought brand new in '05 ...) Pioneer FH-P8000BT Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 (6.5" Components) Kicker Comp C12 (2 12", 4-ohm, SVC) Kicker 05ZX550.3 (1st Generation) Axxess GMOS-01 & ASWC Dynamat 4awg POS/NEG Runs Big 3 Pioneer FH-P8000BT - AM/FM/CD/USB/iPod/AUX1/AUX2/BlueTooth ... Installing the Kappa Perfect 6.1 components in same location as the OEM components, w/ minimum modifications needed. XTC foams used to protect them, but cut open on the bottom backside to allow for venting & wire connections. Since the Infinity x-overs are so large, I am mounting them in the trunk, & keeping the front door panels in one piece, & everything will look OEM with the stock grilles untouched. Amplifier is a Kicker 05ZX550.3 - 3 channel ... 2 channel stereo & a mono block side for the subs to run in 2 ohm mode ... Everything is new, including the amp ... even though its model year is 2005, & it is well-rated over its stated power, etc. (NOT my photo.) Kicker Comps. (NOT my photo.) The trunk volume of a 2003 Monte Carlo is 15.8cf. NO part of the car's rear deck/chassis is being cut or altered whatsoever - which I think is important, ... I firmly believe in not messing with a vehicle's structural integrity. This is my first time with an IB. I have always done the two 12's, sealed, & been done with it ... but the booomin' of those enclosures has worn thin on me after 20 years, ... so I wanted to do something different ... & something no one else around here has really done, or is doing, & certainly reclaiming trunk space for road trips, shopping, etc., is an extra, added bonus. I am paying particularly close attention to wood thickness, & mixture of types of wood, & sandwiching the MDF to give the bass a "warmer" sound by eliminating any high-pitched echo effects from the denser MDF, etc. I will radius the openings slightly as the platform makes its last transition "up" from MDF to birch to help kill any air noise that may have wanted to creep up, & out ... I will break out the bondo for that task ... Smoooooothness ... I do not expect too much vibration, but I will still use Liquid Nails to seal the "planks" together, & some coarse deck screws to further secure the structure. Additionally, I have large pieces of 1/2" - 1" of very dense foam in which to place between the top of the mounting platform, & the bottom of the rear deck ... looking in from the trunk ... where the factory amp/booster used to be ... I may have to use two pieces of foam, each one the FULL size of the rear deck, to get the desired leveled mounting. Besides the nearly 1" pieces I do have, I have as thin as 1/4" ... Therefore I do have options, & am not left to shove this in there with 2" or 3" of foam, & being left to deal with it. The type of IB platform/baffle I am building here is the following: One piece of 3/4" MDF sandwiched between two pieces of 3/4" genuine baltic birch. Then a ring of 3/4" birch is glued, screwed, & bondo'd to the bottom, & the sub will be screwed to the rings, & "hang" on either side like a cow's utters so they can "fire" up through the rear deck where the OEM 6x9's used to be housed. Well, this is what I have for right now, hopefully I have grabbed someone's attention enough that he/she got this far in the post. Leave a MSG! Follow me! Give me warm wishes. Criticism. Bitch me out! Just do NOT tell me that Ford's are better!!! *** EDITED IN 2014 BECAUSE PHOTOBUCKET SCREWED UP MY LINKS & FOR HEADER CHANGES ***
  10. I am thinking of bed lining my entire truck. Does anyone have any expierence with this? And what would be some pros and cons to doing it?
  11. Hey there! I guess it's time for me start a build log on my 2002 Dodge Dakota! I got the truck back in September for dirt cheap. Only problem was that the engine was blown! Me and my dad took on the project and swapped in a remanufactured motor (4.7 for those who are interested). Anyways, this isn't gonna be an insane build with a wall or a blow through. It's my daily driver, so I need to keep it practical. My system before this build is as follows: - Sony Head Unit (Unsure of model) - Polk Audio PA880 - 12" Alpine Type R SWR1243D - Prefab Box - Fierce Car Audio 4 gauge amplifier wiring kit - The truck came stock with the amplified Infinity sound system - Carquest Battery My Current Plan is: - Crescendo Audio BC2000d (UPS Man should be delivering it tomorrow!) - Fi Q12 D2 - Optima Yellow Top or an XS Power 3400 - Rockford Fosgate 1/0 gauge power kit - Eventually I'd like to replace the Sony Head Unit with something a little better - I'll start thinkin about mids and highs once the Bass is taken care of The Polk amp sounds nice, but it has to be the most unefficient thing on this planet! I don't have access to a DD1, but I did use a DMM to set my gains. The thing heats up after 30 minutes at a reasonable volume to the point where I can't keep my hand on it for a few seconds. I've even set the gains a tad under what the amp is rated at. Right now it's probably giving around 450-475 watts rms to the type r, and it's wired at 2 ohms. I've read the amps tend to run hot, so I'm just glad it's being replaced tomorrow!Onto the pictures! About 1 or 2 months ago, I heard my first system that was actually loud (SnowDrifter's 2 Crossfire 12's while they were in his Jeep) and ever since I wasn't satisfied with my one Type R and the prefab box. I started looking into ported enclosures and how to tune them and all that. I want to stick with a single 12, and I want something loud that will still sound good, so I've decided on getting a Fi Q 12 with the cooling package, extra spider and the internal leads. Before I get that though, I need something to put it in and something to power it with. I was on vacation the past three weeks and I spent quite a bit of time playing around on Torres and Sketchup trying to find the right box for my truck that would work well with the Fi.This is what I came up with: Two nights ago I went over to a buddies house to start cutting out the sheets for the box. A skill saw and a roto zip later, most of the cuts were less than awesome and the hole in the baffle was too big... I'm gonna be using the Type R in the enclosure for now while I upgrade stuff to get ready for the Fi. The Fi has a bigger cutout that the Type R, so that's why it ended up huge.So, I figured that even though my first box isn't gonna be perfect, I might as well just start over and just take my time on it. I was also planning on buying myself a router this morning, and when I asked my dad if he wanted to split the cost with me, he told me that we already had one! Definitely a nice surprise!The surround on my driver door speaker was completely seperated from the basket, so it would rattle a ton if it ever played around or below 120hz. I had my high pass filter set to 140 to try to phase it out. I had some Kicker 5 1/4" speakers layin around from my old car, so I decided to get some practice on the router and I made some Speaker rings! Fits well! They aren't pretty, but the door panels do a pretty good job of hiding them You can see the seperated surround on the speaker on the right They sound great and I can actually keep my High Pass down around 80 now!
  12. How does this box look for a Home Theatre Enclosure for a Fi SP4 18? Any adjustments I should make? I was thinking of building it tomorrow, I could make a build log tomorrow if it interested anyone.
  13. So I've still got my old Fi SP4 18 sitting in it's box on my floor and I was thinking... What could 6k RMS do to it? Currently in my car I've got a Crescendo BC5500 running a SoundStram XXX 18 (10,000w RMS) and I thought about if the SP4 could actually be louder than the XXX. My gains are set clean using the DD-1 and the -10db Track but at full tilt how quickly do you think it would fry? With my electrical I could assume the amp is only giving it 5k but still this is something I wanted to try tomorrow has anyone seen an SP4 take 5k for an extended period of time?
  14. Im looking for a fi bl 15 either blown or working. also looking for a sundown saz3500d Im not looking for both as a package just looking for each of them. Thanks guys!
  15. Anyone jamming to reggae on the daily? Anything new/old the world needs to hear?
  16. I'm using my 'old' Fi SP4 from my car to use in my home for home theatre. Super low frequency bass. I'm getting a design from PWK but currently he's busy so I thought I could see what I could get here. Space isn't really an issue so I can accommodate a huge box if necessary.
  17. So im doing a trunk build on my caddy and i was wondering about ports. i was thinking 4.1 sealed and 7 cubes ported. The graph it made in winisd seemed pretty good so i might go for it. Of course i have the best and worst car to do a build, cant fold the seat down so i need to cut holes in my rear deck for the port, so the question is should i do a regular rectangle port / slot port or areo port / pvc tubes? and how much port area? i'll provide some pictures for better understanding what im going to do. the last one is the rear view, since im doing a slanted baffle to make the sp4's fit. tell me if im missing anything that would help.
  18. Just got new decals back from my supplier what do you think?
  19. Alright guys seeing as I have all the equipment for this build I figured i'd start a build log. I got the SUBurban back into November since the S10 got recked This is a video of the S10 if you haven't seen it yet Anyways here is the new whip,dubbed the SUBurban: Yes the hill is really that steep the only thing stopping me was ground clearance in the rear. Ive the got the electrical already to go for the power I have right now. Eventually everything will be doubled. 4 XS Power 1000's with some narly bus bars, Externally regulated, External Rectifier Excessive Amperage alt. He said it maxed out his load tester, so we'll see what it's got. Running it at 17.9+ See if the Crescendo Audio BC 5500 with stay on over 18.0v. Mids(so far): 4 PWX 8's 4 RWX 6's Not sure on tweeters just yet I have some from the S10 but i need more so ill fill in more once I have them all. Ill get pics of them later when i get home Subs: 6 18" Fi Q's, Old style with the double stacked magnets. All with the BP Power plug so RMS is around 1500. 4 of these are the one's from the blowthru which will be my temporary system until i can buy the recones for the 4 of them. I have 2 others already 18". one is a recone kit ill do and one with 1 hour of play on it. Amps: Crescendo BC 5500 MB Quart 4.125 pics when i get home Wiring: All the 1/0 is Audio Technix Silver tinned copper. I have 300ft for the burban All other wiring as of right now is Knu Pioneer Headunit. Ill get the model number when i get home. I also have a processor I have yet to see on this site. So far I love it. Custom banpass, no more guess work or needing meters to get my frequencies perfect. Also does time aligment, and can be an EQ. All tunning with my laptop. For you guys not wanting to buy bandpass amps this is a huge money saver. Also you can bandpass each channel. Crazy good processor! Enclosure: 4th Order behind the C Pillar! 4 person Demo's all day. Once I get the funds it'll be a B Pillar 8 18" 4th order.
  20. In india you usually don't see such kind of installs very often. This country is yet to see some crazy and insane guys most of the guys have in their ride already. I just took a small step in bringing that culture to india. First of all the ride in which everything went in
  21. I just bought a fi ssd 15 d2vc with the flat wind coil. I have never built my own box before so I don't know what dimensions to make it. I want it to hit low but still be able to reach the higher bass. My max dimensions are 3'x3'x1.5'. If anyone could help me out by finding out the dimensions and port area that would be awesome!!! I want it tuned around 30-32 hz Thank you in advance!
  22. Got my second Fi SP4 18 from America today, bought it slightly used from CACO from user 528hz. Easiest transaction I've ever done if anybody buys anything from him you won't have any trouble. I temporarily have them connected Series Series Series Series to an EV CP1200 Amplifier Bridged. I took a few images:
  23. I'm putting a list together of what I hope to be getting within the next year to put in my car. Right now I have a BL15 on a SQ2.2k but want to upgrade bad. Here is the list of what I plan on getting: Sub: Fi SP4 15 (both cooling and spider spacers) Amp: Cresendo BC3500 Battery: XS Power D6500 Alt: H/O alt by Singer Wire: Sky High Audio 0 gauge Box: Around 4 cuft tuned to about 34Hz and sealed off Any suggestions or changes you guys would make or anything I left out?
  24. So I've had a pair of Fi SP4 18's just sitting in my room disconnected close to a year now since buying a car that they won't fit in. The car will soon have an awesome SQ system in it but that's another story. I can't justify building a box, even a sealed one since I'm tight on space. But had the idea since there's loads of room in the roof to somehow have them up there... and the easiest enclosure to have them in could be infinite baffle. I've also got a high power pro audio amp not doing anything so I have all the main bits I need. I realize having 6000 Watts in my roof will most definitely spread through the rest of the house but I mean it's not like there's anywhere I can put them where they wouldn't... maybe the next suburb? I realize there will be big losses having them out of the room but I figure having them mostly above my listening position and well secured to the studs in the roof will still make noise. I will get an EQ to dial in what works but I would plan to mainly have them for very low frequencies. I also have a smaller Jamo woofer that would do low-mids since I'm using small speakers. HEAT I thought of as one issue but they won't be in direct sunlight or anything, I live in Australia about as hot as it gets would be maybe 40-45 Celsius so assume maybe up there even on the hottest days it wouldn't rise above 50C and I'm sure cars could get that hot. So just wanting to hear peoples thoughts on this whether or not it would be a waste of time?
  25. Hey all.... Well, its that time again.. We are gonna rebuild. Thank you for following the RF Acura TSX build. And, to those that helped. We thank you. We are going to try a suv platform this time. NEED ROOM.. lol. Anyway. Some know what is up, some know even more. Stay tuned, as some will move fairly fast, some wont....... Cheers from Kyle and Laura...... and again, those we know... we also luv ya.....
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