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SMD VU DIN is BACK- Presale open! A couple pics / vid - Shipping NOW UPDATE PAGE 6

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Is therena video of how to installnit and how it works

It wires right up to your amp and then you can calibrate it so it shows clipping.

And the fact more than one person agrees does not make it a circle jerk, it makes it a bukkake scene and you're in the middle ;)

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B5 Passat Build Log


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this is one of those products where you either want it or you don't. With only 100 made, its not very cheap, regardless of what some might think. I had to disable comments on the video because a couple bad apples with their opinions on what pricing "should be". Someone said $20 and some solder......i would love to see someone do this with $20 and some solder and get it done in less then a month. There is a LOT more then that just in materials let alone paying to have them manufactured. Also, we used all the best parts and there IS a difference in LED quality that is available out there.....and there is a lot of LED's....among other things. Its a solid unit.

Yes its pretty lights and it may not appear to be very expensive to make but it truly was not cheap to make this happen. Ask my pocketbook, it will tell you.

again, if you like it and you want it, its there! If you don't think the price is right, that's ok too! don't buy it. Problem solved. Thanks!

PS. if somehow i had the demand to make a run of 10,000 of them, i could easily lower the price. 100 is still basically in 1-Off stage in the big picture of it all....its a specialty item and not for everyone! Thanks guys!

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I like it, but probably won't be ordering one for this vehicle. I am not feeling a good location for it. Really like the idea of a real time clipping indicator. If there is any way to do that with a single LED, I am in for that.

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