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OK, I guess it is time to post this build up. It's been in work for a good bit now but I have not wanted people to have to deal with wading through 70+ pages of a build just to see a bunch of gossip and crap.

Truck is an 06 H2 that has not had an easy life it looks like. It was bought and sent to me sight unseen and showed up in much worse shape than pics showed. I'm pretty sure it has been on fire a couple times - once under the hood, one time about halfway back by the rear passenger door, and once in the far back. Lots of burnt material for sure. The body is pretty straight with minimal dents - all the chrome is fflaking off badly, front doors are both cracked, driver door handle missing, liftgate was cracked out, wheels are 22" KMC super corroded chrome specials, with 2 new and 2 bad tires, and I got free freshwater ponds on both the driver and passenger floors that magically refill every time it rains. No system installed, no sound - - pile of gear laying in the back... Starting to sound like a Sir Mix-A-Lot song.....

It came with some gear that was in good shape - 4 Crescendo BC5500, 2 1600.2, nice A pillars from epicenter?

It came with some gear that was in OK shape - 10x Crescendo 10's (8 good) with some decent extreme door panels w/ room for 5x each. DC quad alt bracket w/ no mounting hardware.

It came with some gear that was in bad shape - 6x crescendo supertweers - all broken but one, tons of 0 gauge wire w/ free burn holes throughout, Sundown 100.4 - hope it works. 3x singer 400A alts.

Also came with 21 16v kenetik batts that came pretty alive with a nice charge.

So, the plan came out to be

8 level 6 18" DC subs

8 Crescendo BC5500

21x 16v batteries

3x 12v batteries

3 400A ext regulated alts

DC power 180 amp 12v alt

2 1600.2

3 4 ch amps

built in XS power 16v charger

audiocontrol overdrive

Alpine W205 w/ rearview cam

Box o' dual inputs

Kicker 1/2d EQ

Motorized amp rack

Directed alam/remote start

Lots of 0, 8, and 16 ga wire - company to remain unnamed for now

bulk packs of deadener

selenium 350 supertweets x6

DD 1" silk tweets x4

More stuff that I probably forgot -

DISCLAIMER: I'm not talking crap about the previous owner or anybody who had a part in the build(s) on this truck before I got it. I'm just going to lay this build out from the start.

DOUBLE DISCLAIMER - I'm pretty sarcastic so if I say anything like I'm cutting factory wiring out to make the truck lighter and faster....I'm probably full of crap.

It's a few weeks from completion.

A pic from a few weeks back: waiting on photobucket to upload older pics


Check out StoneSounds to see my recent builds.Or look at the Flying White Facebook Page!

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Pat you been busy lately man and then you got Stucks car coming after this one. I know if anybody can put this back together you can :)

2007 Chevrolet Avalanche(Co-Co)

6 Team Fi 15's(King Edition)
3 DC 9k's
8 Nendo PWX 8's
4 Custom Steg 4" Super Tweeters
1 DC Audio 175.4
1 DC Audio 90.4
Rockford 360.3
3 DC Power 370xp Alts(Externally regulated)
21 D1600's
2 D4800's
AudioTechnix Deadner
Viper Alarm

My YouTube- http://www.youtube.c...NG?feature=mhee
Link to buildlog- http://www.stevemead...4-15s-2-dc-9ks/
Link to UBL- http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/165059-ublkings-avalanchecoco-new-build-starting8-king-edition-15-team-fis-in-a-wallyes-a-wall/



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