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Skar Audio ZVX-8 D2/D4 8" 900 Watt RMS Subwoofer Specs & Information

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Hello everyone,

Skar Audio brings you the meanest, loudest, and most powerful 8" Subwoofer we have ever designed with the ZVX-8... This is a behemoth of a subwoofer and rated at a conservative 900 Watts RMS, with the capability of getting extremely loud in a single daily setup or to be used in an array of applicaitons for competition use. The woofer is very responsive and features parameters that allow it to not only get very loud but also sound great while doing so. Engineered with the expectation that customers are going to want to throw everything they can at these stout little monsters, we did the same.. The ZVX-8 features an advanced cooling system that allows it to maintain the best possible temperatures even at the highest power ratings, as well as a competition grade high temperature voice coil for maximum efficiency.

MAP Price : $209.99

MSRP Price : $319.99

Available in D2/D4 Voice Coil Configurations

Technical Specifications

RMS Power : 900 Watts

8" ZVX Competition Level SPL Subwoofer

2.5" High Temperature Voice Coil

Triple Stack Ferite Motor Slugs (160mm x3)

Competition Grade Paper Cone

High Quality Foam Surround

Poly Cotton Spider

Ultra Low Distortion Design

Magnet Weight : 160 Oz

Heavy Duty Speaker Push Terminals

T/S Parameters (D2/D4)

Fs : 45.3 / 44.1 Hz

Qms : 3.93 / 3.86

Qes : 0.49 / 0.51

Qts : 0.42 / 0.41

Nref : 0.08 / 0.076 %

Bl : 18.9 / 16.6 N/A

Spl : 85.2 / 85.3 dB

Vas : 5.18 / 5.898 L

RMS Power : 900 Watts

Enclosure Recommendations

Ported : 0.8-1.0 Ft^3

Sealed : 0.9 Ft^3

Displacement : 0.12 Ft^3

Depth : 6.5"

Outside Diameter : 8.7"

Cut-Out : 7.5"

Magnet Diameter : 6.5"

Visit SonicElectronix.com or SkarAudio.com to order today! Free Shipping!






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Skar Audio

Phone : (888) 501-7527


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Hello everyone,
We are proud to announce that we will be soon completing prototype testing and development on a new, highly anticipated subwoofer : the ZVX-8.
The ZVX-8 is a behemoth of a subwoofer. Do not let it's size fool you - this 900 Watt RMS 8" Subwoofer is going to set the standard in the 8" woofer market. We started from the ground up and designed this subwoofer to out perform all your expectations of an 8" Driver. The basket is custom tooled and in part based on part of the VVXv2 design. The motor, a triple slug 160mm ferrite magnet, provides a whopping BL of 22.3!
Furthermore, the woofer features a custom tooled competition grade paper cone to go alone with the custom high roll foam surround for superior SPL. The ZVX-8 was designed to be an all out SPL monster and works best in ported enclosures. This woofer will be released in Dual 2 ohm and Dual 4 ohm models.
ETA : 8/15/2013
Estimated MAP Price : $209.99
Available in D2/D4 Voice Coil Configurations
RMS Power : 900 Watts
Magnet : 160mm * 3 PCS (Ferrite)
15mm Top and Back Plate
Fs : 46.3 Hz
Qts : 0.415
Bl : 22.3
Spl : 85.3 dB
High Roll Foam Surround
Competition Grade Paper Cone
We will have more pictures/specifications coming soon!


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midbass: polk db 8s highs: stock

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