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D3100 went dead with dome light on....did I damage it?

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I have (1) D3100 battery under the hood to run my vehicle and stereo. I left the dome lights on all night and
My vehicle wouldnt start in the morning.

I connected an AC/DC power supply direct to the battery and set it to 14.4 volts and 10 amps for 3 hours then It started right up so I then disconnetced the charger. My question is did I do any damage to the battery or shorten its lifespan by doing this?


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was that 14.4 voltage right as you started charging it or after the 3 hours? my charger on a 2 amp charge won't go above 13.0, bring it up to 20amp and if I leave it too long it will climb up to 15.5 which is not too good for 12v batteries for long periods of time. Hope yours didn't do the same thing

'93 Firebird Formula V8

H/U- Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X395

Mids/Highs Amp- Hifonics ZXI80.4

Wiring-KNU RCA's, Speaker Wire, And Two Runs Of Trystar 1/0

G34 Red Top and a 180amp Ford Alternator


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must be a hell of a dome light


Was gonna say... Ive left my DOPE light on, for 3 days.....

and my head lights for a night.....

3400 only,... started right up....

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