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I set my gains with the dd1, usually between track 5 setting and 7 settings. Voltage shouldn't be an option. The box is giving the subs a combined 4.8 cu. ft after all displacement. Really considering that 5500 now.

2006 Impala LS

Pioneer AVH-P4300dvd

"Big 3" 0awg

Iraggi 320a alt.

XS D3400 hood

Kinetik 2000 rear

XS XP3000 rear

2 XS D3100 rear

Knoknoise back half of car

Crescendo 3500

Dual power/ground runs

Toolmaker dual inputs and battery terminals

2 Sundown Zv4 12's

6.8cu. ft. gross 4.8nettuned 30hz

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To answer the OP -- the Z v.4 line has been known to handle ~2x or so of it's rated power.

A thermal failure is unlikely in most applications -- you would be more likely to damage the lead-wire via clipping or perhaps even damage the spider itself physically. In one of our test bench setups here (Jovanni's Golf) on a 3500D @ 0.5 ohm we saw these type of things before thermal failure. He did have a massive 3 cubic foot box for one 12" woofer, though, so a more reasonable box would largely eliminate the possibility of physical spider damage (2.25 or so seems to be pretty ideal in our testing so far). So just keep an eye on clipping and you can run a ton of power on them =)

dont let sprkn_ranger see this.


150Db Club

160Db club in the future

I see krakin as a threat

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My (4) Zv4 18s came in yesterday. Im running 2 at the moment on an NS1. 2 of them are laughing at my NS1. Ive been beating the shiz out of them and they barely get warm and havent smelled a coil.

2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Limited (Mine)HEAD UNIT: Pioneer AVH-X5500BHSBASS DRIVER: Sundown Audio [email protected] dailySUBWOOFER: (4) Sundown Audio Zv4 18d1BOX: under constructionMID/HI DRIVER(s): JBL PX300.4, Powerbass ASA600.4, Audiopipe 6002, American Bass SQ50FRONT DECK: Pioneer TS Pro 6.5, Power Acoustic nb-1, (4) American Bass SQ4.0 KICK PANEL: Kicker KS65 components REAR DECK: Powerbass XL Pro 6.5, Pioneer TS Pro 8's, Power Acoustic nb-2, Powerbass s412 4x10, (2) Crescendo pwx 10"ELECTRICAL: Big 3, all KNU & AP OFC 0awg on 240amp Mechman Alt, Audiopipe batt meter, (2) Scorpin batt metersBATTERIES: (3) XS Power 3400's, KInetic HC1800, Kinetic HC2000MISC: Fat Mat on all doors, Old setup: (4) SA15d4's on an NS1 151.0 on TL sealed 2010 Honda Civic LX (Wife's) 142.1 TL sealed trunkHEAD UNIT: Pioneer AVH-X7500BHS with Massive Audio EQ7BASS DRIVER: (2) Powerbass ASA1500.1d's(strapped) 3240w clamped @ 10.8v lol(stock alt)SUBWOOFERS: (1) Sundown Audio Zv4 12d2BOX: Custom built by me 3ft^3 @ 35hzMID/HI DRIVER: Powerbass ASA600.4FRONT DOORS: Alpine Sps610cREAR DOORS: Alpine Sps610cELECTRICAL: All Audiopipe 0awg, Big 3, Stinger batt meter, stock 90amp alt<p>BATTERIES: (2) Kinetic HC1400's, XS Power XP950

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Well your bc3500 has the potential to give the subs (Minimum RATED),after impedance rise,electrical efficiency & enclosure efficiency you probably have never given them minimum rated power. A bc5500 will surely be more suitable especially since you won't need to clip the signal to actually get them suckers moving,however if you do clip the signal at those power levels you will have to be very careful.

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I think some of you and your buddies grossly overestimate how much power these subs are seeing on a daily basis. Lol.

But I'll agree with Jacob on this one (obviously). You'd definitely get them into trouble mechanically before you thermal it on clean power. And mechanical limits are more easily recognizeable. But clipping is a bitch. I've gotten one stinky on 2k clipped before it reached mechanical limits.

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I know a guy named Nic Watts from Jacksonville who's feeding an Everest 5k on each zv4 12, he has 4 zv4 12's on 4 5k's in a 4th order, and the setup is very musical. Those zv4's can take an ass load of power.

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2003 Kia Sorento

Team Subsonic Lows
Team Bassin' on a Budget

2016 Rebuild Under Construction

Best score: 150.2 at 40hz (3k, 2 Custom HDC3 15's) Usaci style(door open, in the kick)

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look at this build 2 Zv.4 12 d1 on a ns1 with 3 d3100 and mechan alt

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2010 Mazda 3

*Rebuild Time*

Subs - (2) AA Mayhems 12's
Sub amp - (1) Populus Audio TPA 6500
Headunit - Pioneer App Radio 2

Batteries - XS Power (1) D3100 up front | 6 XP950 rear

Wire - Sky High 1/0 Gauge wires and RCA's and steve's VM1

Alternator - Singer 260 Externally Regulated

Front Stage: (2) PRV Audio 10W650A (4) PRV Audio 8MR500-PhP-4 (4) DS Bullet Tweets | (2) 6.5 Components (Rear doors)

Mids & high Amp : (2) Populus Audio 100.4

Processor: Rockford 3sixty.3

The Build Log :


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