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active members...how long have you been here? where are you from?

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Only member since Jan, but I lurked for awhile before signing up. Been on car audio forums for years. Since prolly 2000ish. Was active on the Sounddomain forums, TermPro forums, CarAudioForum, etc etc. Some of those aren't even around anymore. And some, caraudioforum, is nothing like what it used to be. Got overrun by spam there for awhile. Think that drove a lot of people away (me).

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Member Since 10 Dec 2008 but lurked for While before I decided to become a troll.

Sacramento ca.



"98crewcab"Never a POS....just always "a work in progress" lol that's how we roll bitches!!!

Your a lowlife kid. I bet your mother wants to kill herself for not swallowing your ass.

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Member since 2010 and from MArtinsville Va

Youtube Account : Bassman1439

New Build in progress:

1987 Jeep Cherokee

153 BT Alpine with 3 clarion eq 746 2 clarion mdc360 crossovers


Mike Singer 230a and 350a


Taramp HD8000

Taramp HD6500

Taramp 5000

Taramp TS1300x2

Taramp 2000


16 Beyma mi100 8's

10 Beyma mi100 10's

4 beyma mi100 15's


16 selenium st 350's/ 8 d250x horns outside


D3400 under hood and 8 d3100s

Sub Stage

6 XL DC 15's 2 9KS

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26 July, 2006

I'm from Western Australia

Yea, I'm a big of a n00b :)



Previous 150+ daily rides:

Volvo 240 wagon 2 x DD Audio 9915s walled, Isuzu Trooper 6 x DD Audio 3515s walled clamshell, Lexus LX470  2 x Kicked Solo X 18s, Lexus LS400 4  x American Bass HD18 walled

SMD - System of The Month August 2008

My Youtube Videos

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