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D'Amore Engineering Introduces High Performance Car Audio Amplifiers!

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For Immediate Release

D'Amore Engineering Introduces High Performance Car Audio Amplifiers!

Gilbert, AZ - January 6th, 2016

D'Amore Engineering proudly announces the introduction of high performance car audio amplifiers! These amplifiers have been designed to provide the most faithful reproduction of the audio signal possible. The very first model to be introduced is the A1500.2, a two channel stereo amplifier rated at 325 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms and 900 Watts RMS per channel into 1 Ohm.

To schedule an appointment to audition the amplifier in person please contact us at (480) 612-4741. We will be providing in-vehicle demonstrations at the Orleans Hotel during CES, 2016.

The A1500.2 is a True Dual Mono Design providing better stereo separation and imaging as compared to traditional stereo amplifiers - the chassis being the only thing common between channels. In an effort to provide the very best signal to noise ratio and lowest distortion possible, 109 dB (A-weighted) and <.002% THD+N (when operated in Class A) respectively, the amplifier utilizes a Mirror Image Design with positive and negative output signals of each channel generated using identically mirrored circuitry. Each of the two channels is also a mirror image of the other. In addition, the A1500.2 offers Selectable Mode Design with both Class AB and True Class A modes of operation available. The execution of Class A topology is unlike anything that has been done in a mobile application to date, offering a realism and truth to the source never before available from a mobile power amplifier.

From a design standpoint, the A1500.2 utilizes separate PCBs for the voltage amplification stage and current amplification stage to maximize the signal to noise ratio so that it's dead silent. It has been designed from the ground up around the highest quality components available at any cost, including; Nichicon Fine Gold™ capacitors, Nichicon Muse™ audio capacitors, (14) On-Semiconductor complementary bipolar junction transistors per channel, and non-inductive resistors, all assembled on 4-layer heavy copper PCBs! Its dual mono channels can be wired as a single channel with double the output voltage for applications where high power is required. Finally, it includes a pair of gorgeous LED output meters to indicate actual amplifier power for each channel.

Pricing not yet determined at the time of this press release.

"We are D'Amore Engineering. We share your passion for high quality sound reproduction. We are not slaves to corporate America, spreadsheets, price points, or bean counters. We proudly introduce the finest automotive amplifiers that have ever been. Period. We have spared no expense - thousands of hours of development time, a tireless quest for the finest parts in existence, and exhaustive engineering in an effort to achieve the most from the least. Our amplifiers will re-define your expectations of high performance audio - they have ours. They say the perfect audio amplifier is a straight wire with gain. We've come close. You're formally invited to come and see for yourself." Tony D'Amore, CEO - D'Amore Engineering

About D'Amore Engineering

D'Amore Engineering was founded in Southern California in 2011 by Tony D'Amore and Juan Rodriguez, two audio / electrical engineers with a passion for quality products. Tony D'Amore has designed and engineered numerous high profile products during his career. He earned a patent while employed with Rockford Fosgate and another is pending for the SMD DD-1 Distortion Detector, a product developed in conjunction with Steve Meade. D'Amore Engineering is known best for their line of audio measurement and calibration equipment developed specifically for car audio enthusiasts and professionals - the very best available at any price. For more information visit damoreengineering.com


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Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
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Off to change my pants........

When will pricing details be released?

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That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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I'm seeing that right, and the only knob it has is gain, correct? No crossovers or anything? If so, even better.

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"Clipping" is the biggest forum boner now. It's like witchcraft... it automatically explains just about everything people don't understand.

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