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Figured it was time to start a log since ive started working on this grocery getter.

Gonna be a slow moving build, I can't do 13 installs in an hour like some of you guys.

Let's get started.

Gear will be

Head unit- deh-80prs

Mids and highs amp - Rockford t600-4

Sub amp - Rockford t600-2

Sub stage- two image dynamics ctx 10's in a sealed prefab (it's only temporary, don't get your panties all twisted)

Mids- Rockford T3 6.5's

Highs - mtx TXC.1 tweeters.

The mids and highs are going to change too, going to save up for something really nice not sure what yet.

Maybe some blues components.

Got the 80 prs in today, love this head unit so far.

I am however Not happy at all with how the dash kit looks so I'm thinking since there is tons of room behind it I'll end up recessing it and doing an iPad dash in the future.


Yesterday my daughter and I got some deadener installed, just the floor in the cargo area and the hatch are done for now, lots more to do still.


That's all for now but more will be coming shortly.

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Little bit of stock system flex for you fuckers lol.

Gonna have to do something about this spoiler, can't imagine it's going to get better when I add cone area and power.

The song is this.

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