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remote start/ security system for a diesel pickup

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i have a 1999 ford f250 with 7.3l powerstroke diesel, 6 speed 4x4. i have been thinking about getting a security/ remote start for it. the truck does not have anything on it right now. so i was wondering what brand you guys would recommend for a diesel truck?

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I have installed 3 remote starts all have been Prestige brand , have had no issues and they are cheap on Amazon , make sure to get the long range antenna and for Diesel's might want a turbo timer

3 DD SL 10’s D4 ohm Sealed box 2.6ohms   Amp Sundown SFB 3000K

Mids all Alpine type R 's 1 set of 6.5 components and 1 set of 6.5 coaxial 

2 Rockford PBR's 300x2

1 Kinetic battery  under rear seat , Big 3

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Pretty much any brand should have a diesel delay program setting and/or a wait-to-start hard wire on it. Your 99 has an actual wait-to-start wire that you can access and tap into, which will be more reliable. On newer trucks that wire is data so you have to program the delay, which sometimes causes issue in extreme temp swings when the glow plug time varies quite a bit.

Static drops are my bag.

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Compustar or Viper is my preference. I personally use Compustar.

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Compustar 2way or a DEI 2way (DEI = Directed Electronic Inc which is who makes the Viper, Clifford, Python brands, these guys are pretty much all the same with cosmetic differences to the remote. They also have Avatil and some other lower priced line as well iirc).

Both units can be programmed for the glowplugs.



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viper 5706 (2way remote start) what i'd recommend. make sure an instaler with knowledge does the installation because wait to start does need to be programmed to allow the glow plugs to warm up(15 sec before it starts to crank) and make sure the tachometer wire from the alarm is connected properly to prevent the vehicle to have trouble staying on.

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