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    Post-It Notes from a stay-at-home dad:
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    Went back and forth a couple times on whether or not I should post this...
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    If you take your time don't be surprised if some other dude beats you to it.
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    This was my first box build in a while so my cuts weren't quite perfect, used a little bit of weight to make sure the baffle glued tightly My cat wanted to help out
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    When itunes or facebook don't make sense to my mom, as well as PC problems she gets in general, therefore it's my fault if something goes wrong with anything on her computer. Even worse: the fact that she NEVER asks my sister for help: who is finishing her computer science major at berkeley AND WORKS AT TWITTER.........
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    How I feel whenever I see a doge meme
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    A short video of it booting up and going through the menu. I will make more demo video's of how it works...of course, you can look at the original prototype vid (page 1) and see for yourself some of the great features.
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    Here is the important pages of the owners manual. Check them out, get a feel for how it operates.
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    I guarantee that all these guys "shes had problems with" shes slept with. So, get your head right and do the same, or "try to save her." LOL
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    @Orzechnj thx lot man appreciate it, and i still gotta get the rims power coated bright white and have to get tires for them. Also im getting E-level Air suspension first installed and my fenders rolled than im throw the rims on, so its still in the process bro. @Jnells lol thx bro I was going to join awhile back but was to lazy to put up all these piks but here im now & yeah thx the carbon fiber does look way better but it started peeling off at some spots so once the system, air ride suspension and paint job are complete im going to get all the interior trim pieces and a,b,c panels and some exterior parts hydrodipped from a guy in FL. That way it will never peel and will last forever and looks way more real. I actually have a couple of videos of 12 inch orion i had for like a month and a couple of videos of the system ill post them up today as soon as all these piks are up. As far as speakers im running all beyma speakers in the door and a crunch amp to power them. The crunch is only 600 watts so not all door speakers are playing just the front 2 doors and the back 2 only the 6.5 inch are playing. Once i get all my vocal amps im getting a amp rack made and will have piks up so you can say its coming along but its a slow process and thanks for tuning in bro.
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    Take a big chance. Try to fuck, see what comes next.
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    the most awful beer Ive ever drunk..
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    Thanks man, I really love this car. The amount of space the hatch gives you is pretty impressive. I've moved couches, desks, TVs, and can even fit my bikes in the back fully assembled. I went with a floor style box so I could just throw shit on top of the box and not lose much space.
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    I fucking love STI hatches.. These and hawkeyes. Theres absolutely NO doubt that I'll be following this build.
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    My fucktarded lesbo leech sister in-law. Her and her partner filed for bankruptcy because they racked up so much credit card debt they couldn't keep up with the rest of their bills and keep food in the fridge. Note here that they have a 6 or 7 month old baby, which is another whole fucked up situation in itself. So then she mentions its no big deal, she knows people who've filed before and were able to get a credit card 6 months later. Then their power goes out over Christmas because of a bad ice storm. They had the option of staying at a family member's house, but no they didn't want to because they wanted their privacy. Could have bought a generator, but no they don't have the money and don't know how to work one or set it up. Medically retired father in-law offers to put them in a hotel for a couple days. They end up staying in a $200+/night hotel for 5 days. They can't afford day care to an extent, since the dumb ass partner only works part time at a shitty job and refuses to work more hours and the sister works as a fucking school nurse now so she doesn't have to work 12's for the hospitals anymore. Instead, they have her again, medically retired father and his new wife drive an hour and a half one way to watch her kid 2-3 times a week.
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    ya it was the first time i had gotten on since adding to my favorites, had fun and got to knife steve and take them tags only to have him take them back next map lol, i play under Pwntsauce
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    That sad moment when a powerwheels has a better paint job than your real car........................
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    Mechman Singer Dcpower Those are the only companies I will recommend
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    Guess we could tow it with the titan bro? Up to you. Rusty, we are giving it hell and high water to get there.
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    Jeez, what batteries? Just a single d3400. I saw the lights on and was worried I was gonna have to throw it on the charger.
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    Left my dome light on last night, I didn't notice until 2pm today. I was still at 13v ftw.
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    I asked my 5 year old son what he wants to do when he grows up. He said put big speakers in my car like you dad.
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    Yeah its kinda like saying "I'm pissed, my dick is too big."
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    Thank you for the compliment and I'm glad I could inspire you also welcome to the forum!!! There are a lot of great builds on here and a lot of information... and yes sir, I am a very handy person! I thank God for that because I can do anything I put my mind to doing! Not trying to get religious on you lol also like I said there's so much info floating around and also the members are so helpful that you too can do it yourself! Just take your time and research! As far as the mids and highs, the brand I chose are good for sound quality.. they are comparable to your focal and hertz also I have the eq set pretty well as I have a KEEN ear (I'm a part time recording and mix engineer) I'll look up them songs for you no problem! And shoot a video for ya! Again welcome to the forum and thank you for the kind words!
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    Got more resin on the door panel. almost time to start finish work on it! Also got the head unit in the mail!
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    would it be possible to order just the rubber gasket for these if they come with them? id like to put em on my comp sets
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    Crescendo c1100.4 Project DB 1/0ga to 4 ga reducers for power and ground on 1100.4 (overkill? Yes maybe, but that's ok) Crescendo bc3500d Project DB Dual inputs for power and ground on 3500d XS Power D6500d x 2 for rear power XS Power D???? (undecided yet) Lots of power equipment, there's more than this, I just forgot to picture it all:
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