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  1. Depends on application, but yes, the XL and Lvl 5 are quite underrated.
  2. maybe by a few watts or so, nothing major i dont think. not like kicker either, where a zx2500 is birthsheeted at like 2950.
  3. DCs can be power hungry but they are also efficient, but that depends on the enclosure also. If you don't care to much for high cone area, consider 1 lvl 4 12, I personally love them, they get low too, 1 lvl 4 15 playing 15Hz tone would shake my window about 3/8ths of an inch(drivers side window partially rolled down). It performed great down to songs with 28hz, did great with 45hz too.
  4. 1. Product: PSP (the first one) [With charger and inline audio control] Resistance Retribution Elf (The Movie) Napoleon Dynamite (The Movie) Hellboy (The Movie) Smart Bomb Socom FireTeam Bravo 1 GB Memory Stick 32 MB Memory Stick 2. Specs: Don't think it has "specs" 3. Description/Condition: Great condition, it has wear on it from use, 7/10. There is a small dent on the metal ring on the back, it does not interfere with functionality AT ALL! It works fine, plays games, movies, you can put music on it, pictures, videos, etc. 4. Price: : Ummm Ill say 85 OBO Shipped, NO TRADES. I WILL NEGOTIATE, BUT NOT LOW BALLED. 5. Pictures: Dent
  5. gain is down quite a bit due to electrical not being up to par, finished this about a day ago (the build). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQULs8riyNA
  6. i found the root of the problem. the flexing of the back of my cab caused all the other shizz to start rattling. I got some rubber/foam stuff and put it between my box and the back wall, no more rattle... and you cant even see it.
  7. All the rattling is because the port is up, so the back panels towards the top and the single piece that runs across the top is rattling. Could I do like a shim or something to prevent them from moving?
  8. Depends on electrical, 2.5kw or 4kw. But Im a fan of cone area so 4 12s if it was me.
  9. Even if a clip or two break, will the pieces fit back on correctly and stay?
  10. ive used the same pair from walmart for over a YEAR, no fatigue or ware issues, they are great, especially for the price.
  11. for some reason, i knew you would be the first the post. thanks, i can see how they come off how they are layered, but i didnt want to break them, just trying to deaden and maybe foam some gaps to silence the rattle.
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