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  1. I've had good luck with these: I got them at home depot in the nuts and bolts department over where they have the hardware to hang stuff on walls.
  2. Dang! Looks like someone cut that Vee groove a tad too deep.
  3. Looks like there has been a change of plans. letting make it to the show. Hope to see you all there. Bring your best demo music.
  4. Hahahaha! Who is this guy? I think to compete it's $20 and that gets you two runs. They are 30sec runs on any music you want. On top of that they use two mics. One on the passenger's headrest and the other centered at the base of the windshield. The score taken is the average of the whole run, averaged between both mics, not the peak measurement. I'm not too keen on what's the best music. I've had good luck with the remix of that Air Force Ones, not the one on the Nellyville album. Sorry about the lame song advice. Unfortunately I'm not going to make this show. I will make the next one in September though. Good luck if you go and compete.
  5. I paid for one of his designs for a pair of DD 9515s. It takes a while to get the plans. He communicated with me very professionally and the design worked. I don't have any sophisticated measuring equipment to tell you what the frequency response turned out looking like in real life, I can say it sounds very well with all types of music. Any body can model a tuned box, but how it will respond in a vehicle is another story. Manufactures have good recommendations. If you are looking to experiment start off by building a box to their specs and note the pros and cons. That way you'll have a good idea of what you are looking for if you do decide to pay for a design. Good luck with witch ever route you go.
  6. Very nice video. Packing peanuts, who knew they'd make for an artsy vid.
  7. Welcome to San Antonio. There are a few of us San Antonians lurking around here, me being one of them. No big shows coming up. Along with the sites Vic713 listed you can also check out Streetspl.com They have teamed up with a couple of local audio shops to host shows in the San Antonio area. The next show is August the 14th. I'll probably be there if you want to make it out and meet some of the guys.
  8. Thank you all for your support and participation. Much love and appreciation. Woot! Onebadmonte July 2011 SOTM

  9. With that much I'd go active. Start with some morel piccolo tweeters and some exodus audio anarchy mids. Use a crescendo 1000c4 for amplification. Finish everything off with a JBL MS8 for processing. It'll be hard to get everything for under 1200, but it's possible.
  10. Looking to get your mind off the national debt crisis? Come check out this month's SOTM running. Vote onebadmonte SOTM July 2011 :)

  11. It's a whole new game at SOTM. There's still plenty of time to check out all the builds and vote for your fav. Vote onebadmonte SOTM July 2011

  12. My prayers go out to you, your family and most importantly your niece. God bless.
  13. I like the album. I use song 6, Worldwide Choppers, to demo my system. Good stuff.
  14. Something is a brewing in this months SOTM. Come be a part of it and vote Onebadmonte SOTM July 2011 :)

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      Awesome, thanks for your support. :)

  15. Hey there you handsome, handsome man, you. I'm running for system of the month and could really use your vote. The odds are against me and now I'm try to pull off a come from behind win. If you could take a bit of time and vote onebadmonte SOTM July 2011 I'd really appreciate it. You can vote [url="http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/115237-july-2011-sotm-vote-sponsored...

  16. Negitive ghost rider..... He just needs to play with either 1 of 2 things OR BOTH!! Either get a 1/2" shorter belt, install it and see how it is then. Or replace tentioner and shorter belt and try it then.... No need to touch any idler pully You're right. Now seeing his setup, it's obvious the belt wrap around the pulley isn't the issue. I would do a new tensioner first, assuming this kit was just installed, and the belt is new and was included in the kit. I'd want to see where the tensioner lands with regards to stock before making the jump to a shorter belt. Too much tension will wreak havoc on accessory bearing. If you wanted to be able to drive like a mad man and keep a multi alt setup from ever slipping you'd have to make the jump to 8 or 10 rib belt.
  17. Yeah, looks like you've got plenty of wrap on those pulleys. The tensioner will be a good start. Good luck.
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