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  1. Just ordered an HDC3 15" with copper coils! Woo!

  2. MDF boogers. Blah....

    1. Nate Futuristic

      Nate Futuristic

      i shove TP in my noise before fuckin with MDF lol

    2. Lbox88


      Get that shit clean out best you can before bed or you'll end up with a nasty sore throat and more MDF boogers in the morning. Fuck I hate that.

  3. Am I the only one who hates IPA's? I like ales but one sip of an IPA makes me dump it out.
  4. Did you accidently bump a crossover or filter out of place? I'm just shooting in the dark now for solutions.
  5. Do you have a DMM to confirm voltage? Just triple check everything, there is a good chance you missed something. It happens to us all.
  6. Somebody just got shot up on the corner of my street. I never thought my college was scary until now.

  7. Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Starting my second year out of five.
  8. That looks like it already has a lowering shackle in the rear. That shackle doesn't look factory and the truck doesn't have a forward rake to it either.
  9. I have the last generation Fi SSD with all the options and I love it. It beat just as loud on 400 watts as it does on 800. Which is kinda disappointing but still.
  10. I'm just a lowly Youtuber that hardly ever posts and someone still manages to comment and compare me to Steve saying my shit sucks. Man, nuthuggers are everywhere! Haha

  11. I think it would look dumb, not to mention losing your cupholders.
  12. That sounds kinda weird. Then again I live in a really nice town and my front door has a canopy so any package is pretty safe from weather or being stolen. Lock your door from now on!
  13. I don't hate any computers. it's just the internet at school is alot faster.
  14. Seasonal worker for the government? That's exactly what I do! Haha. I'm still in school so the past two summers I have worked for the school district and love everything except for the hours. I wake up at 5:30 every day.
  15. Sandpaper, bondo, and a fair bit of time and correct minor misalignment of pieces. it won't fix half inch gaps or things like that.
  16. Katzkin isn't too expensive if you want to do it yourself. They do all the cutting and sewing, you just slip it on.
  17. I know EVERY site says 5.25's in the rear but I'm not lying when I say that I have 6.5's in my rear doors and they dropped in with no problems at all.
  18. And the doors on my Ram are so easy to take off a child could do it. It takes me less than 5 minutes to take each door panel off. It would be even less if I was actually hurrying.
  19. I have a 2003 Quad Cab so it should be the exact same as your truck. 6x9's up from and 6.5's in the rear. Both dropped in without cutting but the front ones did need a spacer or else the magnet hit the window. But that will vary depending on what speaker you have.
  20. We use Valvoline Full Synthetic in all out cars and have for a few years now. It might also be "needed" these days but we still change the oil around every 3-4 thousand miles. Some people will say I am wasting my money but in my opinion a few more quarts of oil is nothing compared to the cost of rebuilding a motor so I don't have a problem spending the money.
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