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  1. What about subs that were assembled by Cody during his trials? haha I kid..... lol i was thinking the same thing
  2. i'll believe it when i see it i still waiting for any progress on the excursion
  3. heading to munich in under 6 hrs for oktoberfest...

    1. Chris Hammer

      Chris Hammer

      NOW THAT sounds like a good time.

    2. OrionStang
  4. Oktoberfest this weekend? i think yes :D

    1. OrionStang


      Have fun!! That shit's a blast!!!!

  5. drinking forties of OE... street cred +1

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    2. Kyblack76
    3. bre2ts


      $3.90 for 2 hey do not sell 4lokos here and you cannot beat it for a daily drink... 40 oz blue label would be splendid but would also have me naked in my front yard

    4. Leo1103


      dont forget broke, lol that stuffs expensive

  6. great guy to do business he doesn't BS you when coming to an agreed price super patient had some things with work going on so couldn't ship right away and understood great communication even when it was lacking on my end do to work would definitely love to do business with him again
  7. send it, i will call it brand Z and make a new video Most digital readouts will be the same as they all sample in the same manner. Ours doesn't sample. Send it though! i agree with analog over digital but i hold DD to a higher standard than "brand x" so thats what brings up y curiosity
  8. please excuse my ignorance but how does a Dakota Digital VM compare to these.
  9. you may have a few more than me... i have these 9 plus 1 under the hood
  10. the best topics are always started drunk
  11. hey guys i am about to swap baskets on my neos from 15 to 18 and was wondering if there was any tricks or tips i should know of. how to remove bolts, what kind of glue to use to cover bolts, and any thing that would make the process easier also was wondering where i can purchase some new mounting bolts some of these look pretty bad/stripped thanks
  12. Are you confusing his stock alt problems with the recently purchased XP? why yes, yes i am reading comprehension>me
  13. at 1k rpm what is your voltage at? you may need an over drive pulley also... where are you taking the voltage reading from? take it either directly off the alt or at the battery up front
  14. they're good strong alts rev up the engine some does the charging voltage go up? you may need to rais your stock idle rpms to kick on the alt
  15. deserves so much worse i too dont understand how people could ask for leniency because he could have a future in basketball... i agree with what the judge said "no where in the sentencing guidelines does it say anything about him being a basketball super star"
  16. looks cool but to make it look awesome should of put a hunter green logo on it...
  17. to really decide between the 2 you need to decide what your ultimate goal is. will it be daily? or SPL? the n2 is more friendly for daily use but needless to say the n3 can be used for daily. but the n3 was designed more for SPL.
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