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  1. I didn't interpret his comment as an insult to the company but more to the reactions of people in the thread... I see what he's saying... And srp seems to be nudging at something ... Anyway, I could careless about doing more than rated (unless it was an absurd amount like 700w ) lol .... at that point though I'd be worried about my subwoofers getting more than I was aware of or expecting in my setup ... If the amplifier is quality then it'll stand its tests.. clean rated output is all that should matter really .... And it is good to see the product doing as it is advertised! It's impressive when a company has the balls to go against the status quo and tell the truth about what their amp will actually do.
  2. the biggest issue I have hear is.... drum roll.......... you didn't run the same test with the Sundown... secondly.... your products don't compare to Sundown with respect to designing and implementation ... they are leagues ahead of you Kevin ... but nice numbers on your product, comparisons aren't needed ... it devalues your own product in doing so....
  3. actually... Mark of the Ninja is the name... just opened steam also GTA, Bastion ...that is for current.. I have a shit load I don't have installed... I play Orcs Must Die 2.... LoL .... CS:GO.... other shyt... Crysis ... some other ones... Ninja something... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ you must have mean Ninja Gayden? i play that game too.. other than gta, crysis, COD, MOH, deer avenger 4(i think) and some minesweeper
  4. hahaha I play Orcs Must Die 2.... LoL .... CS:GO.... other shyt... Crysis ... some other ones... Ninja something...
  5. box looks great... I usually don't use handles .. I'm too much of a man, if kickin' it don't make things work I'd be fcked!!! lol on a side note... those handles are a great idea ... !!!
  6. I don't get any real noise from my 800D case.... but I am using gaskets on every Noctua fan I use... I get some motor whine because some of the fans are horizontal and cause it but I hear air flow only..... and "sometimes' my GPU fan spins up with the typical high pitched noise .... I see no harm except temps "MAY" go up because it'll retain more heat inside the case. Only reason I've not tried it myself. CCF may be a good try first...
  7. It would work but are your really experiencing resonance in the tower? Like panels are vibrating? are they touching metal to metal at the connection points? tried using gaskets/rubber seals on the edges?
  8. Try contacting them through their Facebook and they should be able to provide an email address
  9. Call them... this should be their current sale/pricing We reserve the right to end this sale at any time. All good cable, just odd lengths and left over from longer lengths. You must take the entire length listed for the discounted price: 4/0 / 108 mm sq.(EBT 214-PXL) $ 3.05 per foot: Inventory 75’, 92’, 200’ ,250’ 250’ ….. 3/0 / 85 mm sq. (EBT 168-PXL) $ 2.35 per foot: Inventory 24’, 40’, 54’, 58’, 59’,73’, 118’, 150’, 177’….. 2/0 /68 mm sq. (EBT 134-PXL) $ 1.90 per foot: Inventory 40’, 65’, 76’, 96’, 97’,98’, 175’, 245’, 282’…… 1/0 / 54 mm sq. (EBT 107-PXL) $ 1.50 per foot: Inventory 25’(x 30 pcs), 44’, 48’, 50’, 54’, 58’(x 2 pcs), 63’ (x 3 pcs), 65’, 67’, 70’, 85’, 90’ (x 2 pcs), 95’, 245’……. 2 g / 35 mm sq. (EBT 69-PXL) $ 1.00 per foot: Inventory 40’, 98’..... 4 g / 23 mm sq.(EBT 46-PXL) $ 0.67 per foot: Inventory 32’ (x 2 pcs.), 129’, 153’, 258’, 290’..... 6g / 16 mm sq. (EBT31-PXL) $ 0.45 per foot: Inventory 35’, 161’, 284’..... CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 815-935-2211 AND TELL THEM YOU WANT THE REMNANT SALE PRICE!
  10. shouldn't concern yourself with that really .... just get 1/0
  11. get any new wire from here man.... I think they go 8ga and up to 4/0 http://www.electronbeam.com/
  12. If you're willing to get the Platinum then get it... but the REMY is a great option as well... no redtops....
  13. either of you guys willing to help a brotha out? I still need to make a "mock" enclosure to see what the biggest is I can fit through my trunk opening so it's not immediate.... let me know ... Thanks!
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