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  1. I saw your thread on the 06 xb Mechamn alt install, but no pics show for me. I was wondering if you have a 220a or the 240A alt I see listed on their site? I dont see a 220 a option.

  2. Markous- just make sure you set the gains on your amp carefully. These SD-3's are easier to bottom out than the other beefier models. But when you get it set right they are really nice. Do you plan on doing a separate chamber sealed box or shared chamber sealed.....or something else? I know how good my single 12 sounds, and I bet two would be pretty nice. What is your frontstage consist of? I have a full active HAT 3-way front stage in mine.
  3. I have an SD-3 12" D4 in a sealed box just under 1 cu ft. The one I have was the prototype unit that has the machined outer spokes unlike the production models. I have it powered by a RF 501bd and processed with an MS-8. It is an awesome sub but I will be upgrading next year so I may sell this one.
  4. how is your HU grounded? i have mine straight from the harness to the metal bar under the dash. I do not use the ground side of the vehicle harness at all. I am also running a 501bd and I have 2 551X's in my setup and I have zero alt noise.
  5. Check out the SD-3 Sundown subs. Could fit in the space you have and won't have to do slot ported. Do like 3 or 4 10"....Power with a 2500W amp.
  6. Happy birthday, and that looks a cool fun toy. You will have to get a cop buddy that can clock your speed on that thing!
  7. I'll be selling my SD-2 12" when the 12's in the SD-3 become available.
  8. Thanks for updating my location. Please add DMM and hydraulic crimper as well please.
  9. A tip for those who have a DD-1 or any other SMD tool that doesn't plan on using them for extended periods of time.....disconnect the battery when storing. Protect your investment.
  10. Best bet is to just build the correct box for whatever sub you decide to use.
  11. Do you have the AVBM on yours? If so adjust it when full hot and with a load and that may help at lower RPM's.
  12. What is your resting voltage on your battery? Maybe you need to put it on a slow charge for a few days to top it off. What kind of battery is it? Shoud be minimum 12.6 V. Mine will rest at 13.1 after keeping my battery maintainer on it.
  13. The stock alternator is much smaller than the Mechman and there is room to remove it without taking the bumper off. The Mechman has to be put in from the front next to the radiator. With the bracket that is on the Mechman you have 2 lower bolts and it is hard to get to the one without having access to the bottom. Plus you have to check the belt alignment and you need the bumper off so you can see down the belt properly. I do agree with the guy in the video about the bracket with the airbag sensor on it being in the way to get the lower bolt out, although I did not remove mine but it was a PITA. You can try it without taking it off and if you can't then just remove it if you need to. Another thing is if you decide you put a ground wire from the alternator case to the beam connected to the radiator support like I have, you will have to have the bumper off to reach it. Make sure to sand down the paint/primer on it first and leave enough slack in the ground wire to allow for engine movement or it will rip itself out over time. Yes this happened to me the first day I had it hooked up. The bumper is not hard to remove. It only takes like 10 minutes. If you don't have factory fogs it is even easier and a few less steps to do too.
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