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  1. I saw your thread on the 06 xb Mechamn alt install, but no pics show for me. I was wondering if you have a 220a or the 240A alt I see listed on their site? I dont see a 220 a option.

  2. HAT Speakers for 2003 Chevy Trailblazer

    If your local to Cumming then go talk to Greg at the shop over there. He will be able to help you with the RTA part. Also I am running a 3 way active HAT front stage with a Sundown SD-3 sub. Imagine 6.5's and L3v1's....Mine is all processed with an MS-8.
  3. Markous- just make sure you set the gains on your amp carefully. These SD-3's are easier to bottom out than the other beefier models. But when you get it set right they are really nice. Do you plan on doing a separate chamber sealed box or shared chamber sealed.....or something else? I know how good my single 12 sounds, and I bet two would be pretty nice. What is your frontstage consist of? I have a full active HAT 3-way front stage in mine.
  4. I have an SD-3 12" D4 in a sealed box just under 1 cu ft. The one I have was the prototype unit that has the machined outer spokes unlike the production models. I have it powered by a RF 501bd and processed with an MS-8. It is an awesome sub but I will be upgrading next year so I may sell this one.
  5. New box design help needed

    Yeah it will be a lot of work with the chamfering and math! I seen someone do this on a box and thought it was pretty cool. I just wanted to challenge myself with something that is very eye catching and something that could have the benefit of breaking up waves inside the box. But I would definitely have to have a window to show all this internal box work, not to mention the prototype SD-3 sub I have has machined spokes on the basket which looks cool too.
  6. I'm just playing around with a new sealed box design and I could use a little help. Info: 12" Sundown SD-3 d4 wired to 2 ohm Amp: RF 501bd Current box has an internal volume of 1.05 cu ft. sealed. Max outside dimensions can be 20" deep, no restriction on width and I want to keep the height as shallow as possible. The current box has an outside height of 7.5" and that is probably pretty close to what it will end up but I am shooting for as shallow as possible so the magnet is close to but not quite touching the bottom of the box as possible. This will be an up firing sub also. I want to build a stacked enclosure with 3/4" birch. I want the final volume to be closer to .85-.90 cu ft. Also I will be doing each "stacked ring" with a 22.5 degree chamfer bit on both sides of every ring so there is a 45 degree "wave" on every internal wall of the box. Also double walls on all six sides and the holes for the sub will have threaded inserts and will be attached with 1/4-20 hardware. I am trying to figure out how I could get an exact internal volume with the "waves" inside. I am finding I am reaching mechanical limits of the sub sometimes at high volume and would like to find a nice balance with volume and the ability of being able to reproduce the low notes that this sub can reproduce. I now this sounds like a lot but if anyone could provide some insight or advise that would be sweet. If any other equipment info or anything is needed let me know. Thanks.
  7. I would say do the sound deadening first as well. Then you can add wiring as needed per your system requirements. You can leave the stock wire there and add to it with a bigger one when you do a run from the front to back. That way you can always remove it and move to another vehicle if ever needed.
  8. Happy birthday, and that looks a cool fun toy. You will have to get a cop buddy that can clock your speed on that thing!
  9. Head Unit vs Signal Sum/Wire Taps

    My neighbor asked me about helping him upgrade his 2011 Camaro SS with the Bose system in it because as he described the sound output drops off and he can't hear it real good with the windows down as he turns the volume up. I have been doing some research on how to help him upgrade. He said he has about $1000 or so budget, wants to keep factory HU, replace speakers and factory amp(s). I am not sure if it has more than one amp. He does not want to do subs at this time. I will be following this thread to get some ideas.
  10. scion xb alt problem

    mine idles around 624-675 RPM.
  11. scion xb alt problem

    800 is slightly high for idle on the xB.
  12. scion xb alt problem

    I have the big G series from Mechman. I also have a D3400 under the hood all wired properly, if not over kill. Mine charges at around 14.7 when cold. maybe slightly higher. It's adjustable so you can fine tune your charging voltage to adjust for the hotter and colder temps of the seasons. I'm extremely happy with it now that i have it pretty much fined tuned. I have a 05 xB.