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  1. Yeah, ask Mike, if he can offer a 300 amp alt that can fit in the Accord, you won't need to have so many batteries, and being a fabricator is a good advantage.
  2. Is 200 amp the biggest plug and play alt, or biggest alt period? You asked Singer about a bigger option that may bolt on, even with some metal fabrication, and external regulation?
  3. Yes, the x-line is mean't to destroy the lows, and have good sound quality.
  4. I'm happy for your son Steve The Yukon looks in spectacular condition for being 12 years old, and having 180k miles
  5. Bought 50 ft of Sky High wire from him, shipped very quickly, and package arrived safely and quickly. Would do business again from him.
  6. Check your grounds, and make sure every connection you made is tight.
  7. Whenever Steve Meade says "I'm no peanut", makes me want to draw him in the style of Charlie Brown, and then tell him "Now you are" lol

  8. Umm, putting 2400 rms to a 600 rms sub never sounds like a good idea.
  9. Kevin also made me some awesome terminals. Great guy to buy from, great prices, and great shipping. Definitely recommend him for terminals
  10. That Zapco is the biggest amp with ratings at normal voltage I know of. I remember seeing the Zapco 10k at SBN 2012, and the Zapco rep said they had a 22k that was basically 2 of the zapco 10ks put together. I never seen it in a build probably cause it's $10k, so one would probably rather buy a few 10k's instead, but it looks pretty cool.
  11. Can you prove this amp wrong? http://www.creativecaraudio.com/StoreFrontProfiles/DeluxeSFItemDetail.aspx?sid=1&sfid=199177&c=905044&i=290673096 Zapco ZX 26KD Mono, 1 ohm: 1 x 14500 Watts (12 volts) Mono, 1 ohm: 1 x 20000 Watts (14.4 volts) Mono, 1 ohm: 1 x 22000 Watts (16 volts) T.H.D. + Noise: <1% @ 1 ohms.
  12. And that's why I never go to the doctor anymore, a lot of them are morons that don't wanna solve the problem, and think they are actually smart since they are Doctors.
  13. Eh, I could care less about that retard Already pisses me off that people stupid like him exist. Speaking of the age thing, I'm younger than him, and I do better shit than him, and I seen even younger people even do much better shit, he has no excuse age wise.
  14. If you have the proper airspace for 2 12's, then 2 vvx 12's, due to more cone area, and motor force.
  15. 2 Skar IVX 15's in a 7 cube box tuned to 33hz MB Quart FX1.600 at 1 ohm (rated at 600 rms at 2 ohms, not 1 ohm stable) And here are the scores Both driver door open on music, left is in the kick, and right is on the windshield Planning on doubling the power soon
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