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  1. ah the good ole "I can do it but I'm not going to" We haven't seen that like five thousand times here.
  2. you should totally leave a bad review on yelp bro!
  3. go fondle one at a store, they are comfy and shoot nice to boot.
  4. to beat a dead horse my 16 inch ar10 is pretty heavy and it doesnt have shit on it. maybe see if someone makes a lighter stock for your rifle?
  5. i was at an indoor range one time, this guy shot a 22lr revolver for like 30 mins, then the 44mag came out of nowhere.
  6. that happened to my friends like 07 charger, i remember him saying he had to drive around with a screwdriver on him to get it out of park til he got it fixed
  7. do tell. had to move and have car problems so i havent got to buy anything in a while. i got a 16" aero ar10 back in december tho, one of these days ill stop being lazy and take pics of my black friday/xmas stuff i got myself.
  8. Its porn yolandi from die antwoord
  9. you figure out the pieces and make a cut list, then see how many pieces fit in 4x8. 1/8th inch for cuts. then when you got it all cut, weigh the pieces.
  10. put the car on em and see. aint gotta be under it, fuck it man