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  1. i was at an indoor range one time, this guy shot a 22lr revolver for like 30 mins, then the 44mag came out of nowhere.
  2. do tell. had to move and have car problems so i havent got to buy anything in a while. i got a 16" aero ar10 back in december tho, one of these days ill stop being lazy and take pics of my black friday/xmas stuff i got myself.
  3. Not even trolling. He just made a little jab and you had to give us some life story bout bein a single mom or whatever. I swear this place is full of hank hill no fun ass mother fuckers now.
  4. Haha they're my dads from god knows when. Old as fuck lmao. Always shake the shit out of the car. The cat on the other hand. Unreliable.
  5. about 4 months ago i popped a dead opossum on the road. theres still so much animal matter still under the car lol
  6. how i spent my weekend. pedal went flat and i had to limp it home with no clutch pedal. thought it was my self adjuster, replaced the quadrant and clutch cable cause i broke the stock quadrant trying to fix it lol. clutch was still stuck, so i dropped the trans last week and the clutch fork pivot walked out and my clutch fork was stuck under it. this was a warranty trans from some rebuilders and they didnt thread lock it. it made it like 9 months before this happened. so i threw a clutch kit and flywheel on it while it was out.
  7. make 21/hr production mig welding with like 3 months of school. welding is super big right now, literally 90% of the people i went to school with have job that are 17+
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