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  1. yeah 16. i will keep that in mind. the only ranges around here are 25, 100 and then theres one that goes up to 300 and farther.
  2. got my eotech on ar sighted at 25 yards. ill move to 100 next time around. picked up ak and shot it for the first time today. super fun and it sends the spent casings like 4-5 stalls down. made 2 people move lol
  3. ive been eyein a m&p 15-22 for a while, because its rimfire, it can keep all its "evil features" here
  4. i like a few milsurp things, and california doesnt seem to care about them so thats good for me. ive wanted a carbine mosin forever tho, its the only one i like and i dont give a shit about the big ones lmao.
  5. It appears so broham. I need to quick buyin other shit and pick up a carry gun and apply. Took the mosin out, for looking like shit the bore is like pristine. Shoots really good. Metal buttplate hurts like a mofo though.
  6. polish wbp parts build by atlantic firearms, ill see it in 10 days 1946 mosin m44 i picked up today
  7. im surprised by how much i like it, has adjustable sights but they still glock sights so still prob needs an upgrade LOL
  8. i never got maxed out on pb or anything but i have been using it for like 11 years, kinda sucks remembering how nice it used to be.
  9. what a cute little guy, glad you saved him man