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  1. Where's the all brown fist? Huhwut
  2. Just get 10s and make your life easy. You have to cut rear seat trunk opening to get 2 12s to fit decently. Try to find orionstangs build logs. He has a 2011 which is close enough.
  3. Only if you identify as trans-geriatric
  4. This. ^ thats what old people say. myself included.
  5. okay then tiger. do you like when people call you during dinner askin who you gonna vote for?
  6. what you guys get over the weekend? finally took the plunge and got a geissele ssa and super 42 spring and buffer. bunch of ak mags too
  7. Gaming Keyboard

    when did i say anything positive about razer? besides saying their mice are fine. saying corsair > anything else is like saying skar > anything else even their internal components are just okay dont be fucking stupid.
  8. Gaming Keyboard

    i can see the perks of ESDF but theres not enough around the arrow keys
  9. Gaming Keyboard

    that could be the case, cause the two mechanicals i use are 4 and 6 years old. hella stuff spilled on em etc. my friends the same way, he has like 10 or 15 mechanicals lmao
  10. Gaming Keyboard

    cause ya bought a corsair keyboard.
  11. Gaming Keyboard

    cmon now brah
  12. Gaming Keyboard

    https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/ i've used red and brown switches. i like browns a little bit more but not much.
  13. i was gonna get a full size sa trp, but after their little fiasco earlier this year it through me for a loop and i had to go back to researchin. then ended up buying some polymer stuff and an ar lol