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  1. Where you homos been?

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    2. ToNasty


      Every other forum I'm oi add pictures through tapatalk. But tapatalk can't seem to find this forum.  I tried flikr.  But I'm not good with technology so I couldn't figure it out 

    3. ToNasty


      Not sure if you have Instagram but my truck is there 

    4. 8ten8


      For posting photos here, I went with   vgy.me   It wasn't difficult and the photos arnt automatically public. 

  2. I just wanna go fast

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    2. Kyblack76


      Your already there, plus some arent you ??????




      EDIT- fuck, i thought it said "i just wanna get fat" ... my bad yo....

    3. Keith77


      Bahahahah @ Kyle...


      But hell yes on the go fast parts 

  3. L86 intake manifold, Tony mamo ported throttle body and a tune for starters ?

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    2. ToNasty


      I'll get.caight when I have to smog it  and remember I live In California 

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


       you just gotta know a guy that does smog testing and likes cash..........

    4. ToNasty


      Those are very scarce here now. And they do the obd scan now. No probe 

  4. 10 more days of therapy and I'm out.  

  5. Caltrac bars, coil overs, shock relocation and race stars? Ya

  6. Too notch or not too notch, that is the question

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    2. ToNasty


      Lowering more will open a can of worms I'm willing to put audio aside for.   

  7. Why is the layout all of the sudden screwed up.  It's like a thin row instead of seeing everything if I explained that right

  8. Truck is now on a 4/7 drop. I'm extremely happy but sore as hell

    1. ToNasty


      I'll post some tomorrow. 

    2. Kyblack76


      Dope....  i wanna see... good stuff dude...

  9. Parts have been delayed a week. But they will all finally.be here tomorrow. Parts to go lower, helper bags, smaller tires and a cresspo tailgate wing

  10. Just ordered the parts to go 4/7 on the truck. The correct way. Can't wait

  11. Truck is done. And deeply in need of 24" silver ballers

  12. So I've decided between tbss 22 in chrome or silver dub baller 22

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    2. ToNasty


      I don't want 24s because I like a little more meat on the tire.

      Still haven't picked a winner

    3. bighossf150


      you know what my vote is.....

    4. ToNasty
  13. Had some trouble lowering the front of the silverado. So I'm sending the front kit back. New front kit is ordered but no more 3/6. It's 4/7 time

    1. strangeduck
    2. ToNasty


      It's been nothing but fuckery. But I have the new parts ordered

    3. Kyblack76
  14. I think if Ahmed when I ear this song

  15. Polished or chrome 20" tbss wheels on the silverado?

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    2. ToNasty
    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I had some ss replicas on my TB. They was lightweight but tough as shit. I abused the fuck out of them and they never bent

    4. strangeduck


      brushed aluminum is where its at

  16. Rear kit for the silverado ordered. Going to order the front from a shop in Texas once they open. This weekend or next weekend the truck should be dropped

    1. DavidClark
    2. juan777


      Is it from Ekstensive Metal Works? I live a block away, used to know Bill the owner there, they do great work

    3. ToNasty


      No a shop called reklez. They have figured out the 2016 issue.

  17. If listening to Anne Murray is gay, then I don't wanna be straight

  18. Anyone listen to Larry june?

    1. Pasta Prime

      Pasta Prime

      dont know who that is but Im Larry and I was born in June. lol

  19. Lp 8002sw paid for.

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    2. ToNasty


      Nope he said download the manual and it explains it. I downloaded the manual. I don't see it

    3. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      It's easy to set it up. I will help you when you are ready to install it.

    4. ToNasty


      Awesome. Thanks Randall. I've figured out fusing but now I need to search for nice fuse holders. I don't want cheap ones

  20. All my lp highs amps are in. I'll open them up today if you want to see

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    2. boom50cal


      been waiiting on texts of them

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      what soccerballzs said, lol

  21. So I think I may just have sent an email that said I'll buy a refurbished, modded , fresh powder coated Linear Power 8002sw

    1. audiolamb6


      u suck my friend

    2. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      I feel sorry for your sub bass drivers ...

    3. hdorre


      whats an email?

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