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  1. Trying to get my build done. It's during the worst time in my life but hey... we all have it rough one way or another thru this shitty time. It's become a job, not much fun but i have a car in pieces than needs to be put back together. This site has changed some much i don't hardly recognize it. Back in the day post would last minutes on the main page, now they last for days.... Happy holidays SMD.
  2. ..I believe the fuse is for the positive fan turn on. Your constant power to the tm-1 should be fused as well.
  3. Sorry my wire was white too I was just reading off the instructions. It's designed to run new wires to and from in order to hook everything up. I would think the yellow fuzed might be for the black and white heading to the fans so if something were to happen there it went short out the tm1. And then you add another fuse at the battery for the constant that could be a smaller wired fuse it wouldn't hurt to have both ends protected with using but that's just my opinion
  4. The Black & Grey are larger gauge to run fans up to 5 amps DC. Any larger and you would need a relay to run larger. 3 wires in the harness power to TM-1 and the grey and black power the fans. There is a temperature probe and turn on setting on the back of the face plate.
  5. TM-1 Instructions i have: B+ Power wire = RED ( Must use inline fuse) Turn on Trigger = White (ignition/ Acc) Ground = Black Fan + = Grey Fan - = Black Watch a Youtube video i am sure there are some out there.
  6. My Malibu stock battery was a b64 I think, I measured and stuck this d3400 big bitch in. You don't like what Xs has, buy something else!
  7. Thanks man. i appreciate the thought! Fuck that would have been nice to have won! Wife's got a TrailHawk needing a system And that tiny piece of shit needs all the deadening it can get! Maybe next time i will win something....Not i always over pay, get it late & half broken kid of guy. lol
  8. Right on man, Congrats, its a big deal to be a home payment maker for 30 yrs. (Owner haha) And it's a really big deal to have a huge garage Once you get it set up the way you want the creativity will start flowing.. If your garage is a blank slate may i suggest paint & lights should be first on the agenda. You can never have to much White or Light! lol
  9. Bought a House? Nice garage!! Sometimes a guy just needs time away from the hobby to get rejuvenated. That is the time to enjoy the system while planning the next stage. lol Your car looks clean.
  10. Good job keeping your cool Steve. When i was down there in November i seen a lot of homeless people. Sad really, but nice of you to not call the cops, and give him something to think about. That people can be forgiving, even to those who you think don't deserve it. Hopefully James will think twice but chances are if he is homeless he will do what ever it takes to survive even if it's at our cost. Makes me thankful to have what i have.
  11. Damn... That clean as hell looking. Can't wait to see the video on how you made it. As always i hardly ever miss a video.
  12. Nice father/ son project. Thank you for taking the time to meet me and my son last Friday. We enjoyed the tour.
  13. Whats the subs manual say for set up? Does the HU have RCA outputs for front/rear & sub? If so what are the HU settings at? Sounds like your doing the right trouble shooting.
  14. I think it was the HU? Put my name in the hat. Be in Sacramento at the end of the month to pick it up. lol
  15. How are your amp gains set? if set to high it could introduce noise. Have you tried backing off on the gains to see if that helps?
  16. I think it humorous that people are giving you advice. Not that you wouldn't accept it, just seems like they don't know what you have built and that you wouldn't have done your research already. Sometimes it's easier to sit back and enjoy what your doing, for everyone's sake. lol
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