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Ok, got another question for the engine builders on here: I recently pulled my block apart & noticed that the pistons have .030 stamped on them, correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume the block has already been bored 30 over.? If that's the case, boring it over another .030 will put me at .060 total making it a 472ci big block, would it be worth it in that case, or is .060 kinda pushing it?(ok, make that two questions)

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what did it start out as? it really depends on the block. .060 over is the most i care to see, even then it still comes down to what you want to do with the motor. are you just rebuilding it and fixing something in the piston walls, or are you going to try and fully build the motor? fully built on a motor bored over .060 can get a little explody if you go too far. generally speaking .060 over is ok as long as you are gentle with it

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It depends on what year the block was produced in reference to how much you can take off before you start getting close to the cooling jackets. The mid 70's pickup truck engine blocks had a LOT OF meat on them and they can be punched .060 over all day long. A newer 454 SS type motor, NO WAY would I trust it. There is my $.02

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Do you need a the extra .03 bore? Is it that worn again?

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find out from a good engine builder what block you have because i have seen some rare big blocks that can be bored a 100 over and still be strong



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boring over 60 like most people said above it all depends on what the block is.

i would say there are alot of big block that can handle 60 over but just check and make sure first.

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yes it sounds like your block has been bored all ready , i would ask a good machine shop or 2 or 3 just how far you can go with the block in question just to make sure things don't get too thin .

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