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Steves Carputer


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hey steve and anyone else i was just wondering about the carputer and stereo install in the caddy. its looks so sick and i just wanted to know some of the features of it and how it benefits the car.??? also i wanted to know if the alpine stereo is linked to the carputer or anything like that.. thanks

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check this out

Custom carputers

he has a link inside to his site with all sorts of great info...

oh yeah moved to carputer area also

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Its not MY carputer its Chickens....and no offense bro but i have explained it to many times, my fingertips are tired ;)

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Steve.... you are a damn sorcerer of car audio.

'08 Chevy Cobalt coupe 2.2 base model trunk build:

2 9512iSC flatwound alum 1.5 coils

-extra 9500 spider pack

-8" platinum carbon dustcaps

1 DD Z1 (.375ohm nominally daily)

3g31 AGM

320a Ohio Gen alt

1 DD S4 4 channel

4 VO-M8v1's (holes cut for 3rd pair)

2 CS 6.5's

2 VO-B1's

Sony XAV-601BT

all Knu Krystal RCA's

Cadence 7band EQ


148.3db @ 32hz (burp)

148.4 @ 37 & 38hz (burp)

146.xdb 90sec average (center windshield)

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Old thread is old lol.. Now they just use tablets..

That's why they don't deliver.

Yer ass better go sit along the side of the road and wait.

You can't expect them to travel up some dirt road in a hick / back woods town. Thats how horror movies start :D

I explain things very simply and use analogies in terms of Pickles, and grape drink, pool noodles and jackhammers...if you can't put 2 and 2 together there man, There simply is not much more I can do.

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