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  1. The box has been started... That is all :)

    1. mcfalcon


      Here comes the boom.

  2. AMI Customs called... Install will start this week!!!! I am hoping he is ok with the day I texted him, tomorrow. So elated...

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    2. RedWolf


      Check the build log in a few if you are interested. She has a new heart. He got the alternator in and running before I got home...

    3. Ahmed Johnson
    4. RedWolf
  3. Ohio Generator just called, my alternator is on the way!!!

  4. XS POWER Intellisupply arrived today, thanks Droppin Hz

  5. Are there any bassheads here in NWA?

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    2. Krakin


      Just asked, I'll let you know what I find out from him.

    3. Krakin


      He said that he has no idea.

    4. RedWolf


      Sorry I just saw this. Thank you for asking!

  6. More boxes came today, lots of 1/0, RCA's, 5 fuseholders, Toolmaker amp inputs, Epic Lighting stuff, and all that is left is the Alt, and XS power intellisupply. The alt should be finished Monday, and the intellisupply is scheduled to arrive then too. Thank you Droppin HZ

  7. An XS POWER D3400, and D3100 showed up on my porch today

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    2. Carnines


      A d3100 and 3 xp 3000 showed up on mine today!

    3. ShowtimeElectronics
    4. Carnines


      Yes I bought it from showtime

  8. If you intend on competing I would call Tom at Ohio Generator...
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