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  1. I'm still in the process of fabricating the doors lol. I think I'm not going to wrap them anymore. I think it'll look better just painted.
  2. Let me start off my saying that build sounds bad ass and I'm supremely jealous! Honestly, it all comes down to what you want your final impedance to come down to, and personal preference. Let's say you decide to run at .66 ohm. Yes, the lower impedance make the amps suffer on efficiency, but after impedance rise, it won't see below 1 ohm that often, unless you're specifically playing notes you know don't get a whole lot of rise during demos. But nowadays anyway, if you're willing to spend money on quality amps, they can handle that load no problem. Then it comes down to power. Let's say you want 5k max to each sub before rise. That's 30k watts. It'll be tough to find 1 single 30k amp that can handle .66 ohm all day. So then maybe you want 2 amps. There are a lot of factors, but power never really changes. You're going to need stupid amounts of upgraded electrical. You already know that. Also, you know you'll need stupid amounts of wattage because those subs are power hungry monsters. So do you want the look of 6 smaller amps? 3 decent size amps? One monster Korean surfboard? Or something different? Is there a brand amplifier you absolutely love? What's the different power options they offer? Just some things to think about
  3. So, the first time I didn't notice there where 2 amps on that sheet. I'm sorry. That amp will do 1100 watts on the 5th channel at 1 ohm. The current subs, do you know what series they are? Do you know what impedance they're wired to? If you're current setup has the subs wired to either 2 ohm, or 4 ohm, then if you buy 2 subs and wire them down to 1 ohm, you will receive a nice bump in power. I've seen this before too, if the shop that installed the system turned the gain way down so as not to damage low power subs, you can get subs that be able to take all the power of that amp, and set the gain correctly. So I would check the impedance of your subs first. Then, if you don't have access to a DD-1 or oscilloscope, there are videos on YouTube on how to set your gains with a digital multimeter, so you can get the most out of your amplifier.
  4. Using the same amp and enclosure, just changing the subs won't change much, if anything, unfortunately.
  5. Would you be able to have a bracket made to house 2 alternators? Even with lithium, I would try to double up with that little bit of amperage. Hopefully you'd be able to run the stock alt, and then am aftermarket one without a fan
  6. At 1 ohm, that amplifier will put out max 500 watts on the 5th channel. So any of those subs will work, but if you go with 2, you'll be underpowering them. Not really a big deal though. They'll perform, just not as well as they can on enough power. Also, you can go check out the Sundown SLD 10". You'll still be underpowered, but fine. The main thing to be worried about is depth and available space. I'm assuming you're looking at shallow mount subs because of space restrictions. So, if you haven't already, measure the space you're willing to give up, calculate how many cubic feet you'd have, and go from there.
  7. If I'm incorrect with any of this, please correct me. I think what you're referring to is the subwoofer reaching its mechanical limits. That happens when a subwoofer is getting too much power for it to handle, or playing lower than it can safely do so in a specific enclosure and losing control of the cone, or unloading. When the subwoofer suspension reaches its limit, the subwoofer will stop moving momentarily, causing a buildup of heat on the coil(s). Or just pieces slapping together that shouldn't be can damage things, or pieces coming apart. When a subwoofer is clipping, it's receiving a clipped electrical signal from a source. That can be your head unit, LOC, EQ, DSP, amplifier, or anything really. Instead of the signal being a nice and rounded at its high and low peaks, it's flat. That causes the subwoofer to stop momentarily and the coils to heat up. So kind of the same dilemma, just different causes.
  8. How's that for step 1 in the making of my first template ever? next, since my flush trim bit is 1/4" wide, I need to take about 3/16's out of the template so the speaker will sit nice and tight in the hole.
  9. Ok, here we goI'm either going to succeed, or ruin a $135 speaker. I'm going to use this template to cut nice and tight holes into the upper layer of my speaker baffle
  10. Tuning is huge! But what exactly don't you like about it so we can focus on that?
  11. Well that was a pain in the ass to assemble yes, those are my daughters barbies underneath it lol. She was using it as a house for them. CLEAR OUT BARBIE! TIME TO GET BUSY!
  12. If I had twitch, or even knew what it was, I'd join lol. I love car audio and golf, and dabble in the model car hobby.
  13. Your subs are going to be moving different from one another, so you could potentially have cancelation issues, not to mention adding your own port to a prefab sealed enclosure, you're sub probably won't get enough internal volume to perform efficiently, and unless you really know what your doing, your tunning is going to be terrible. If you want the best of both worlds, look into getting what's called a 4th order bandpass. One side of the subwoofer (usually the cone) fires into a sealed enclosure while the other side fires into a ported enclosure.
  14. Did Sundown say what was wrong with it? Or did they just send you a replacement?
  15. Gaming like that has to be fun as hell! I would love to play Gran Torismo on 3 screens!
  16. It's not the plastic door panel I'm worried about. It's not being able to execute and this build never getting done lol. Kind of feels like I'm halfway to that as it is lol
  17. Let me screw mine up a couple more times first before I start to ruin someone else's doors
  18. New toy The router, not my daughters hand lol. Attempts 1 & 2 on my doors, in my opinion, epic failures. Attempt one want going to work with speaker grills, and attempt 2 looked like shit. Time to step up my game for attempt number 3. I have a router table on the way as well.
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