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  1. id just like to say you dont need the subs in hand to start building....
  2. Since the smart guys are in here I'll ask this question. How do batteries interface with caps? Considering the low esr wouldn't a battery see a cap not at potential voltage as a short circuit? throw some more numbers at me in a realistic situation like above
  3. My number is still the same and I feel you on that figuring life out stuff
  4. buy my 2k and then it will be all sundown where have you been dude? ever since i bought your batt you split
  5. cannot believe this didnt come back up LVL 5 TWEETS
  6. i honestly thought at first the picture was stretched vertically but no. just a butt ton of travel available lol
  7. i was surprised by the weight of it. very light compared to the 4s its very snappy too. couldnt make it lag at all which is to be expected all the old apps seem natural too with the bars it adds. especially if you had one of the older models before the 5 the camera is great seems to be a very solid phone so far i just wish i could find a damn clock speed on it
  8. Just messing with you lol Mainly because I want to see some pictures...
  9. give it time. in a year we need to dig up this thread and see how well it is working still but yes i agree Dlink ftl...
  10. Radioshack has a program going on right now where you get $5 for letting an employee check your phone upgrade I am an employee and im looking for ways to boost this program the process is simple i just need 4 pieces of information i dont make any money off of this nor does it give me any power over your account but it does help the company and i send you a $5 coupon to your local radioshack So i need a decision. Am I allowed to do that here? or no?
  11. Pictures work fine for me same. pics work for me that is a huge score. even better the frequency isnt too high. not sure what magic you pulled but i like it
  12. just for everyones info the AQ HDC3 is between the 35 and 95 series more closely related to the 95 series the suspension on the audioque is far better but in almost every situation ive ever seen DDs have been louder no idea why
  13. so 3k for a single 18 make some test boxes. one with sub and port facing the same direction and one with sub forward port side this will allow you to test every sub port combo except sub forward port back (usually not good unless in a hatch, crx) once you find which orientation the vehicle prefers start building boxes. i like to start big and shrink the box until you stop gaining. burp boxes are trial and error. so start trying
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