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  1. AB XFLs they shine in small boxes and they will take 1500 without breaking a sweat
  2. I did 4000 on one of mine. Coils are a little darker but it still works. Going to use it again here soon. And by 4k I mean two sundown 2ks strapped at 2 ohm. So 1 a piece
  3. the sub is a no go. pointless really but the amps... the science is there. im willing to bet though that you would have to remove some circuitry to allow it to want to make more power otherwise you would just have a really cold amp
  4. most likely the two tweeters (if both actually do something) are set up with a 6db per octave high pass filter they may be the same or they may be different for example the "mid" might play 3k and up and the "tweet" will play 6k and up there is a lot of redundancy in this a proper three way band passes the mid
  5. the three way coax's are nothing but bullshit the "midrange" on it is your tweeter the smaller tweeter im not convinced does anything at all and guys he isnt talking about a 3 way system. he means a single speaker
  6. beating the shit out of my 3512 right now lol eventually ill pick a setup i did however watch you do some testing at one point. sounded really loud
  7. i knew i recognized that car! dammit i should have got a demo and met you since i have one of your old amps in my car
  8. I've wanted to do something like this for a while. Never could find a large/small enough vehicle
  9. this gen impala that you are referring to is the biggest piece of shit car i have ever driven my family has had 3 buicks, 2 dodges, 1 ford, 1 pontiac, 1 infiniti, 1 chevy truck and a 2005 impala. and by far and away that impala has given us the most problems
  10. literally my dream car. just not the blue still sexy though mean sound too im super jealous you got to drive it
  11. want to know something even more crazy? this is the sixth anniversary on 6/6 and the random picture post has 666 pages
  12. holy alliteration batman! im concerned about the choice of mosfet mounting. one thing ive always bragged about on sundown is the horizontal fets
  13. first thing i can tell you is it is advice not advise second all of the stuff you listed is not what i would call sq. will it sound better than stock? yeah but how much better is the question third install is key
  14. The protection circuits in these amps are untouchable. I had two 2ks strapped at .5 with a stock alt and 3 batts. I could never get a full burp but at least they didn't blow
  15. this guy^ anyway what amp is that. pretty little thing
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