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  1. Brandon, Ive done some playing around. My American Bass 4ch is bridged on my mids. When I hook up my DMM to just my front left channel, I get voltage a. When I hook up my DMM to just my front right channel, I get voltage b. When I hook up my DMM to where the speakers acutally are, I get voltage c. Voltage a = voltage b Voltage c is double voltage a, or double voltage b. (However you want to look at it). Clamping speaker outputs still requires looking at acv, so I feel that you need to double the power you clamped with the AMM. I know, bridging =/= strapping Because of this, you could clamp your DC power run from either 6k to confirm. If youre drawing ~300 amperes per amplifier, then you are actually clamping around 5800 watts total. Whereas, if you are clamping ~600 amperes per amplifier, then you are getting 5800wrms/amplifier. Sorry for rambling lol... but that should be expected <3
  2. Everyone I know ditched XS for well, anything. lmfao. Except one person.
  3. hunter had a similar result when he added his winston. his front batt was outputting 80a while his winston was outputting ~800a. due to the agm's lower resting voltage, it would drain the lith when the car was off, so there was no reason to keep the batt up front. he wound up bypassing it. its been like 3 months, no issues. as far as the alt not outputting full power under load, i cant help ya. as much as scottie hates his guts, this may be a question for someone like Travis Young of JY.
  4. I used Shane Ekstrom 4 times. Hes even nendo's certified repair tech. I have nothing but good things to say about him. Kevin Mansky is who I wouldve used if things didnt work out with Shane.
  5. Yes, he would still be clipping. He could have something excessive like 8x rise, and he would still be clipping.
  6. Explain to me What does gain have to do with impedance rise? Hes insinuating that he needs more power. While full tilting while being tuned with a -15dB overlap tone is dirtier than a -5 or -7.5dB overlap, ya get more powa.
  7. If I used my SSF, itd be set 1/2 octave under tuning. For you, that would be 26hz
  8. Wurd.... wired at 1ohm? fuck, use -10 and be kinda smart.lower power with box rise? What kind of power do you think the subs are actually seeing then? Right now I'm set with a -2.5db track just feel like -5db might do a little better.Assuming you have 2.5 - 3x rise and hold decent voltage, ohms law claims that youre seeing 650 - 800 watts. To the pair.
  9. I dont see the point of overpowering your subs if youre contemplating turning down your amps gain anyway. -7.5dB. Use your senses. and like Kyle said, LEARN your gear and know your music. Edit: I just saw that youre wired to 1 ohm nominal. You arent seeing much power at all. Dont be worried.
  10. Funny that you asked this. Literally a week and a half ago, I emailed Antheny about a new housing. 3 days later, I had a new kit my hands.
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