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  1. Also wondering where do I sign up. I should be back there one of these weekends again. LOL
  2. Well I guess I better come pick up that DGAF Toyota sooner than later so you have room!
  3. You must reply in the same thread as Steve (Meade916) posted, not make a new one.. Any vote not in Steves thread WILL NOT COUNT!!!
  4. You need to reply to the thread that steve created. making a new one does not enter you!
  5. I think I just locked like 4 threads because people cant reply to the correct thread. LOL

    1. rocking.that.eclipse


      People coming out of the woodwork. I think its funny that the traffic on that on post is crazy.


      99 pages so far in what 12 hours being up?

    2. rocking.that.eclipse


      I see this being a nightmare for steve to pull to see who wins because someone could possibly make 2+ accounts to win


    3. audiofanaticz
  6. Ok I guess I got to lock this because people still cant read even after I said this is the wrong thread...
  7. You guys are not even posting in the right thread to enter the contest... ?
  8. Dr.lindsey_ssa has the LOLs today on her instagram. I cant stop laughing..

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    2. audiofanaticz


      Yea the lulz where on point, and even later that night it continued on to facebook where she got savage again!


    3. twalker182


      Her follow ups on IG Story yesterday evening literally had me crying in laughter.

    4. audiofanaticz


      I sent her a reply telling her if she signs the panties she could charge $100. Down4PantiesShop.com

      She LOLed
      I love knowing savage women still exist! ha!

  9. How long until you blow the rear diff? Everyone says 1st gens are weak.
  10. Cant help but to laugh at that persons stupidity. Sad part is they probably got more money than brains.
  11. If its working on the deck then its not broke, it has no way to distinguish what it is hooked up too (ie a deck, rca, or amp). Most likely may have subwoofer volume or SLA turned up too high, both will cause distortion if set too high. IIRC neither the SLA or Subwoofer volume be distortion free when either are turned all the way up (even though the headunit volume is distortion free, those other 2 need to be manually adjusted). So your best to find the max headunit volume with those other 2 settings at 0, then turn SLA up until you see distortion (usually around volume 2-4). Then do the same for subwoofer volume that goes from -10db to 0db or something like that. Re-Read the manual on page 12 as well. 10. Play track 1 on test CD 11. Set the headunit’s bass, treble, EQ’s, crossovers to flat 12. Set the headunit’s volume to the maximum undistorted volume setting that was measured with the DD-1+ previously. 13. The unit should display 40Hz Detect, along with the voltage reading of the signal. 14. Slowly turn up the amplifier’s gain setting until the Distortion LED illuminates continuously. Leave Gain Setting such that Distortion LED remains on, then PRESS "READ" button. 15. Change track to 3 on test CD, DD-1+ will show current gain overlap setting. 16. Adjust the gain control on the amplifier until the desired gain overlap setting is achived.
  12. You could also email D'Amore Engineering, but they are SWAMPED so it may take longer to hear back.
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