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  1. Awesome looking, and well thought out. Also, i love mini's. Swapped to them a bit ago, when more and better types of holders started coming out over the large anl's. These look fantastic. Very well thought out. Good shit hoss.
  2. Tones/Burps? or musical spl competitions ? If your playing one tone, for max spl in the lanes, get with Jacob at sundown and have him build you a stiff (custom spider pack, depending on the info you give him) as fuck, smaller voice coil driver (efficient) that can take a dick load of power for a instant. For musical, hell, do the same. Talk to some dudes at sundown, or the Fi build house, and have them get you what you want, for what you want to do/need. The driver you mentioned, ive never heard of, or seen, but, im sure its a common 4" voice coil driver that will suite you fine. If you just wanna bang in the lanes and dick off, get any mid level driver from anyone and get after it. Most of your gains will be from the enclosure and vehicle tweaks. Good luck.
  3. ^^^^^ I hate 8's. Even if they can any power thermally, they will shit the bed suspension wise. Period. I dont even like 10s for the same reason. You wont be able to put much if any power to them, (not for any duration) even if you "are very happy with them. You dont even need to up grade your oem alt, let alone need duals. Take that money and put it else where.
  4. The OG looked like a double stack, vs single you got, but, right on. What where the marks on the basket from the original install???? just curious is all. Scott Atwell at Fi, is a cool cat...(he made Re years ago, and they went to shit when he left imho). I am very bias, and picky, when it comes to drivers. I love the Vegas build house (Fi), also think Jacob at Sundown gets it, along with some others (i like the some of the Xfire stuff, and run some now in my low tier system currently myself). Most that "build" drivers,.. are just gluing parts together, again, just me, and havent kept up much.
  5. Some info. Hell, I recommend watching them all. And no, i highly doubt anything is wrong with your board. Is that hifonics board the cleanest? doubt it, ... does it need to be,... nerp.
  6. Get them off the damore website for free, or buy a disc, or whatever. https://damore-engineering.myshopify.com/products/cc-1-2-cd-set Seperate tracks. Down load them, name them or whatever, move to usb, enjoy. https://damore-engineering.myshopify.com/collections/smd/products/dd-1
  7. Calibrate your dmm,..... fucking skar. lol..... If your using the this times that method, just use your ear. It will be just as good as that.
  8. Designed to work directly inline with stock charging voltages (No voltage-boosting needed to achieve optimal results). Can be paired with regular 12v / non-lithium batteries with no issues. 14.8v Maximum Charge voltage (DO NOT EXCEED THIS OR BATTERY DAMAGE / FAILURE COULD OCCUR).
  9. I was not sure what he was asking,.. building a couple small desktop 3 ways, or for the vehicle. All coming down to the install, and what you are doing. Building fiberglassed panels, or what. I bet the out put at 60hz, if thats what your looking for, isnt going to be ALL that either. Not with much power behind them. And to get that low, id be on the upper end of enclosure size myself. But, again, all about what your doing with them.
  10. You could use one on every channel if you want mate.
  11. Is the protect light on ? Start here. Turn the key off, un-power the amplifer. Remove the load (un-plug the speaker wires) and turn the key back on/power up the amp. While your there, and if you have a meter, check all pos, and neg/ground connections. If the fan comes on and power light is lit, seems those are fine, but...... Do the mentioned and report back.
  12. Got some questions mate. "Pushing 3 custom 12”s 4” dual 1ohm. Wanting to run the Taramps MD12000.1 @.5" - Wut? Youll be closer to .7, more most likely. "The MD takes 1200 amps" - Are you burping ONLY? Then, no, it doesnt, you should know, if your running one. Music, even heavy demos, usually pull around half of MAX draw/capable. " For juice there’s a 350 amp alt on there" - I got to know, who makes a 350amp alt, for a nissan/infinity. "already got 10 gallons of resin into the box" - Bummer,.. that was a waste. "Kolossus Flex 4/0 for pos and neg from front to rear says it does 600 amps. Little overkill there" - I thought one of your amps pulls 1200? "Ported, interchangeable ports thru the top parcel shelf. " - Can i see that? Id think to be able to swap, they would all be hella short, to even get by the rear window, and in the enclosure. So are you tuned to 8hz or something? Serious question. "Using all SHCA connections and shrink wrap" -I only see 3 SHCA shrink wrap, zero of Jon's connections, and i thought it was Kolossus 4/0 ? "Doors housing 14 6.5” dc audio pro mids & 8 skar audio 300 watt bullet teeets." - Please post a picture of this, i have GOT to see this. Awesome. " Box measures 10 cubic feet" Biggest trunk for a Nissan/infinity is around 12, for the sedan, and about half that for the coupe. But ive only worked on a couple Nissans. This is a bit over 6 cubes (with vent) in a trunk with 14cf. (2 12's, ampere audio 9k tfe) 3 D7500s, 1 D3100, singer 240 hairpin alt, just fyi Also, when using a fuse block, the one,...please use BOTH ends of the block please, hell, a fuse even. Would you like to try again, with actually what the hell you got going on, right now, and not a pipe dream, skip the bullshit, and ask questions that are in fact in your wheel house? We would love to help. And can. You (even in dream land) are NO where CLOSE to needing your 1500 amp (the 1200, and 300 you mentioned, even though those gemini's say 60 amps total for for 1400 watts, which is,..... silly). Wanna try again? Cheers. KB
  13. Oh Bay,.. you Deaf Bounce nut hugger you. Bumping a old as fuck thread, just to toss their name in lol. Just playin boss. And the other dude, post a link of gear, WELL over the dims the OP in July asked for lol. Ahhhh kids these days. Man, you guys love your pro audio ear bleeding highs dont ya lol. Hey,... THEY ARE FUCKING LOUD,..... is cool i guess lol. Good hell. EDIT- there isn't a damn thing, i can/would recommend at 30 bones a piece, so, sorry. Just here to plug my ear holes.
  14. Most of the time, rear fire is louder in trunk builds, unless you completely, and I mean completely seal it off. Which rarely happens correctly. Running C5’s myself. 15s here. In a 7 cube enclosure. (Gately) on a damore 1500 at .5. I think the 12s ask for 1.75 per. So 3 cubes after everything. You may wanna double check your vent/vent area. Look at the cross fire web site, and not down for sound or whatever. I’d tune it a bit lower also, but that’s me, and what I did. Not sure what’s up with hours, but mine pound. Never get hot, have great mechanical control, dig deep, and sound great. Greatly impressed with such a cheap driver. Glad I got them on a few friends recommendations that are on team Xfire.
  15. That’s one of the two (the other the 1500.1) I’m running. Killer 4 Chan.
  16. The next unit i run, will be a HELIX model. The Conductor, and the Director remotes are super slick/cleaver. I will have a ultra, or pro, or some helix unit,.... soon. Good shit mate.
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