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  1. Look at the dust cap make sure it’s glued down all the way also
  2. He has 2 I.5 dvc he says So he can get a 1.5 final ohm load
  3. yes it works if done right and it meats both parties criteria.. if not then no it don't work lol
  4. Dean and Fernando didn’t like that dsp lol
  5. I don’t know anyone out there lol.... trying to think of members out that way
  6. Where do you live there might be someone close by ......
  7. There’s plenty of people on here that will design. Boxes for free even more than one you just have to catch them on .... and fourth orders are 90% trial and error
  8. if he walls it he should be able to do a forth those measurements are under window line
  9. He doesn’t want a wall he should be still be able to do subs forward and vent side under window line
  10. That makes no sense to me about the spare tire well .. I’ve had cars that loaded fine with them... can you fit the box there ? Or have the shop build the box into it see if that helps... lol just talked to my friend he’s 6 foot and with the depth of a havoc 18 give a few inches he was never comfortable driving but might of fixed that if we designed the box different it was sealed so who knows
  11. If he’s around 6 foot he isn’t going to be able to do subs up and be comfortable driving... I’ll ask my friend if he remembers the depth after he adjusted the seats pretty sure it was only like 13 to 14 “
  12. I’ll do you have a friend with a stereo? I’d see how it sounds putting his box in your car and running it with their amp and then just running wires to your box in your car from their amp
  13. He isn’t going to be able to do subs up port back in that truck .... depending on how tall he is he might not even be able to do subs up.. I can’t remember what me and my friends measurements where in that exact truck
  14. Make your port interchangeable... only way to really see what’s going to do well In Your vehicle and that 55 was probably per woofer
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