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  1. Lol your installer recommending Memphis over sundown and F.I. Is it an actual installer or a friend.? Both those companies shit all over Memphis.. And this thread could be treated as a versus thread since you asked about different brands.... if you can fit 1 18” do an FI q it can be put in a 5 cubed box excluding port
  2. https://damoreengineering.com/collections/audio-amplifiers/products/dual-mono-power-amplifier. Here you go you didn’t put price so lol
  3. No vs threads but out of what you posted deaf bounce, dc, or sundown the rest shouldn’t even be in the list with those... skars lower end stuff from what I’ve seen is hit or miss I would so some FI also
  4. Depends on if you recone it or sundown ..and you can sell on here if you pay for the premium add.
  5. Yep no problem I’ll check my pms when I get home
  6. ill grab it im me how you want payment snail mail? or paypal?
  7. Ok so it’s a sealed box... go with a higher powered 12 in a ported box sq subs the FI ssd with the sq/ht option the FI Q
  8. Better watch your amplifiers before you smoke them.... if you can get a 2 ohm load strap those amps or gain set them.. not sure why people wire that low in a daily
  9. Need more info is that gross or net is that just box size and no displacement ?...
  10. Let me look To see how much I have on my my c.c and I’ll get back to you in a few days
  11. then you shouldnt need anything bigger .. i think you are just expecting to much out of your box and this post makes your o.p make no sense at all
  12. Edited above on watts spec... does it really i guess its not a bad thing if it prevents it sounding like garbage but i doubt these amps do that. i could be wrong though
  13. the t300.2 is only like 500 i think he said ill have to find the price... way more then id like to pay for the watts but ehhh lol heres the watts Tony D'Amore 90 X 2 into 4Ω 150 X 2 into 2Ω 300 X 1 into 4Ω BTL but for the life of me i can't find the post of price lol but i think he said 500 or 599
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